Harvey was good on Friday


Matt Harvey was dominant on Friday, tossing two prefect innings. To cap off his perfect start, he dropped a hammer on Bryan Holliday. “Things felt so good that the fact that I did have surgery is completely out of my mind,” Matt stated post-game. Harvey got up to 99mph during his two innings of work. Harvey looked un-phased, and was completely in-control during the duration of the game.

“We know we’ve got a long way to go yet,” manager Terry Collins said. “But he is who he is. There are special guys, and he’s just one of those guys.”. Harvey is a key part to this 2015 Mets staff. The Mets are hoping to get a full season out of Harvey, but not everybody is sharing the optimism. Pitching coach Dan Warthen, who has been the Mets pitching coach since 2008, the longest tenured coach, believes that Harvey won’t reach 200 innings, or at least he is “very skeptical”. My hope is that he is that Harvey will be pumped and primed for the postseason!


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