March 2015

Mets make Two Major Trades

The Mets made the first trade of the offseason, and possibly the last. First, (yes, the Mets made TWO trades) the Mets traded Cory Mazzoni for Alex Torres, known for his protective cap.


Torres was not only decent against lefties, but better against righties. Sources say he is comparable to Tim Byrdak. Next, the Mets made an inter-divison trade. Dealing Matt den Dekker for Jerry Blevins. Blevins was struggling for the Nationals in Spring Training. His ERA was 8.00, so far, but, most importantly, he brings a veteran presence to a young bullpen. I believe these are both good pick-ups for the Mets.


In Minors game, Murphy hits twice, still questionable for Washington.


According to ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin, Daniel Murphy appeared in a minors game as a DH. He lined two base hits to left field, a good sign, but ran to first base lightly, as directed by his coaches. He ran on Friday, so I do not believe that running will be a problem.

Adam Rubin also posted the Mets travel schedule, in which, Daniel Murphy is scheduled to travel. If the Mets were not planning on having Murphy play, I don’t think they’d make him travel, but, since Jupiter is 45 minutes from St.Lucie, and because no one else is staying behind, sans Parnell, I think Murphy could be playing tomorrow.

Mets Opening Day Roster Prediction

The Mets are nine days away from Opening Day. All of the players that won’t make the team have been re-assigned to minor league camp, and it finally looks like we have got our 25 man roster planned out. There is still plenty of un-cetanty in the Mets bullpen, but the position player roster seems to be all set with the exception of Daniel Murphy, who may or may not be ready for Opening Day. Overall, I would say that this is the best roster the Mets have sent north since 2008, giving us the best chance we have had to make the playoffs since we started playing games in Citi Field. Now, without further ado, this is what I think your Mets 25 man roster will look like.

Starting Rotation (According to Game started, not ability);

1) Bartolo Colon

2) Jacob deGrom

3) Matt Harvey

4) Jon Niese

5) Dillon Gee

Evaluation: B+ ~ I think that this is a A- with Wheeler, only because he has a bigger potential level compared to Dillon Gee. In early 2015, it will be better for the Mets to have Gee, but going forward, I believe it would have been better to have Wheeler in there.


6) Buddy Carlyle

7) Rafael Montero

8) Carlos Torres

9) Lefty- Scott Rice *

10) Righty- Zack Thornton *

11) Jeryus Familia

12) Jennry Mejia

Evaluation: C ~ Honestly, this bullpen is not the best. Black will most probably not be ready for Opening Day, and while I’ve praised Cody Satterwhite and appointed him next in line to make the club in the past, Thornton is a better option for today, keep your eyes on Satterwhite, though.


13) Travis d’Arnaud

14) Anthony Recker

Evaluation: B- While Monell is still in camp, Recker is the back-up, no doubt.


15) Lucas Duda 1B

16) Daniel Murphy 2B *

17) Wilmer Flores SS

18) David Wright 3B

19) Eric Campbell IF-OF

20) Ruben Tejada 2B-SS

Evaluation: B+ ~ This is a great infield, I love having Duda, Murphy and Wright in any game, and Flores has been pretty good this Spring. Campbell is an excellent backup.


21) Michael Cuddyer LF

22) Juan Lagares CF

23) Curtis Granderson RF

24) Krik Nieuwenhuis OF

25) John Mayberry OF-1B

Evaluation: A ~ Yes, a solid A. This is one of the best outfields in the National League. The Mets, praised by their pitching, could now have a better hitting core then their pitching as a whole. This will be an exciting year for the Mets.

Notes: * means questionable to make the team. Murphy is questionable due to injury. 

ICYMI: Why Cody Satterwhite could break camp with the Mets

If Vic Black doesn’t make the team out of Spring, Satterwhite is a real possibility. Read more:

Mets Plus

Those of you reading this might say “Who is Cody Satterwhite?!?!?”. Well, that’s what I said today when I was looking at the Mets bullpen options. It all started when my good friend Brian P. Mangan was complaining about the Mets bullpen.

I then thought, oh no, is this true? Edgin is down with Tommy John, Parnell isn’t doing anything at the moment, and I have a feeling we may not see him until Memorial Day. Now, news has come out that Vic Black has been shut down with a painful elbow, and that Collins is worried. From this, I conclude that we won’t see Black until the weather gets into the 80’s.

I analyzed the…

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Watch: Matt Reynolds starts the Mets rally with a 7th inning homer

The Mets beat the Nationals 8-3 today. Matt Reynolds went 2 for 2, as Michael Baron’s shows us.

Just Mets

By Michael Baron,

Tonight in Viera, Mets infield prospect Matt Reynolds went 2-for-2 with a double, home run and three RBI, all after the seventh inning.

His solo home run marked the first of seven unanswered runs against the Nationals after the seventh inning.

Reynolds is now hitting .378 with two doubles, two home runs and six RBI in 17 spring games.

Watch Reynolds get the Mets rally going in this video:

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News & Notes around Mets Spring Training for 3/24

Here are some of the biggest headlines around Mets Camp today:

– Daniel Murphy has been cleared to resume all baseball activities, no news on when he will resume game action, I talked to Michael Baron of Just Mets who suggested that their is no reason to have him play in Major League games until he is 100% healthy.

-The Mets believe Vic Black is in danger of missing Opening Day. He was scheduled to pitch in camp today.

-Jack Leathersich has been assigned to minor league camp, this takes him out of contention for the Opening Day lefty spot. If it was in my arms, I’d say Scott Rice is best fit to make the team, but Gilmartin will make it because of the Rule 5 Draft.

-Harvey does not have a problem with Colon starting Opening Day.

Michael Cuddyer is raking in Spring

Michael Cuddyer is not going to become the next Jason Bay / Curtis Granderson. Cuddyer has five home runs this Spring, he leads the Mets in that category, and is in the top five in hitters in that category across the league. Cuddyer was the only major signing that the Mets made this year, and fans are hoping for big things out of him. I’m hoping for average defense in left field, a 285 average, 25+ home runs and over 75 runs batted in. If we can get this out of Michael, it will be considered a good signing. “Obviously Michael has done to the lineup what we hoped he’d done.” Terry Collins said. “It’s give us that guy in the middle of the lineup who’s got some power, who’s a good hitter and has some preparation. I think it’s big.” Cuddyer too says he has high expectations for 2015, “The last transition taught me that your approach can remain the same,” Cuddyer said. “No matter what ballpark you’re playing in, as long as you keep that same hitting approach, you can take that approach that I’ve been able to hone to pretty much any stadium in the big leagues. Now, are some balls going to leave the yard? Are some balls going to fall in? You play in so many different parks, that’s the nature of the beast.”

A lot rides on Cuddyer, Murphy, Granderson and Wright this year, let’s hope they can contribute in big ways.

And the latest member of the Injured Players Club is…..

Wilmer Flores! Flores hit a foul ball off his foot on Sunday’s not-so Subway Series game versus the New York Yankees. He spoke with a reporter for ESPN post-game, wearing a protective boot, and said “it hurts… a lot”. Flores subsequently went for MRI testing, where no major injury was detected. Flores is still wearing the boot, but hopes to shed it by tomorrow. Flores is expected to play in game action before this weekend, but, you never know.

Flores in camp in 2011, after hitting a home run to left in Tradition Field.

No Pitcher Has Thrown As Many Pitches Over as Few Innings as Zack Wheeler This Millenium

Here is a great article by Brian P. Mangan. Read more of his collums over at the “Read Zone” and “Mets Blog”.

By: Brian Mangan

(edited 3/20, 3:30pm. Please note that this is not an attempt to explain all instances of Tommy John. Just an insight into the incredible pressure put on Zack Wheeler’s arm)

Everyone has been all abuzz the last couple days since it was announced that Zack Wheeler has a torn UCL and needs Tommy John surgery. Many have criticized the organization for allowing Wheeler to throw too many pitches, in line with the conventional thinking about pitch counts. However, as I have tried to explain, simply counting pitches without counting the number of pitches per inning is meaningless. There is a huge difference between 110 pitches over 5.1 or 110 pitches in a nice relaxing complete game.

I did a little research to see how Wheeler has been used compared to other pitchers and made a somewhat shocking discovery: since 2000, no pitcher has been pushed to throw as many pitches…

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What ever happened to Bradley Holt?

Fans who say that the #1 Draft Pick is not always going to become Matt Harvey, Bradley Holt is your best friend. In 2008, the Mets were given the chance to draft three players in the first round. They choose Reese Havens (SS, now retired), Ike Davis and NCAA pitching phenom Bradley Holt. Holt received the most praise of all three, however only Ike made it into the bigs. What happened to Holt? Holt started his first full season with the Mets with the St.Lucie Mets in 2009, pitching to a 3.57 ERA, which is respectable for a pitchers first professional year. In 2010, he ran of the rails. In Binghamton (AA) Holt had a 10.20 ERA, and gave up 34 Earned Runs in 30 innings. When Holt was demoted back to St.Lucie, Holt had a 7.48 ERA, after that, Holt never came close to pitching in the majors. One bad year and he was finished. No one remembers Brad Holt, and it’s too bad, because he had (and maybe still does) great mechanics, and a very simple delivery. Holt lacked mound presence, and always seemed to get into trouble. Does this happen a lot? Sort of. Eddie Kunz, Nathan Vineyard, Reese Havens and Michael Fulmer are all first round draft picks signed from 2007-2011 by the Mets that have never made a big-league club, let alone the Mets. I wonder if this will continue with Brandon Nimmo, Michael Conforto and Dominic Smith, I sure hope not…..