Air Review #1: 2/14/15 United 106 + Aegean 501 (Newark – Thessaloniki)

Hello MetsPlus readers. I’m starting a new mini-series of reviews called AirPlus Reviews. For those of you that would like to check out my first flight review, read below!

Airline Plus Reviews

My first Air Review is in the books. This itinerary is a two-part, as international travel is so long it’s worthy of two posts. Not only was this my first air review, it was my first time in an airport lounge! The United Club in Newark! Now, I knew coming into this that the United Club was among the worst airport lounges worldwide, so I didn’t have high expectations. Maybe I need to go to a Lufthansa Senator Lounge to have my opinion changed, but I enjoyed the United Club! United Club Newark Enterance

Upon entrance, we forfeited our one-time passes, and walked pass big double-doors. This didn’t look like a lounge, it looked like a train station! The gourmet options ranged all the way from Carrot Sticks to Crackers with nothing in-between! (insert SFflyer123 Carrot Stick joke) The drink selection was great, however. I had two Hot Chocolates, three Cranberry Juices, and a…

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One Reply to “Air Review #1: 2/14/15 United 106 + Aegean 501 (Newark – Thessaloniki)”

  1. G-man says:

    Thorough review Niko!


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