Top 5 Mets story lines heading into camp

5. Wright and his injury-


You don’t have to go two blocks in NYC without finding a piece of David Wright merchandise, it’s like that with him and Derek Jeter exclusively. So, when Wright got injured in mid-september, hopes of a wild card died before we could blink. Wright says he’s 100% healthy, but I want to see a strong Spring from him this year. Wright always has a good first half, and kind of slows down as we get into the summer, usually ending up with a 290 average, 20 home runs and 85 RBI’s. 2014 was completely different, and with this new pressure to be the “face” of NYC Baseball sports, I think the Mets need the old David back.

4. Shortstops, Flores or Tejada?


Flores is the shortstop? Not so fast. As I talked about in my last post, if Tejada hits 350, and Flores hits under 200, Tejada is getting the nod, because that is what Terry Collins likes to do, in-season and during spring training, removing the confidence of the player, and changing the focus of the game from Mets vs Nats to Flores vs Getting demoted to AAA in favor of Tejada.

3. Terry Collins and the hot seat –


If there is one good thing about these billboards for Mets ownership, it has slightly reduced the strain on Terry Collins, as the hatred has shifted focus to Sandy Alderson and the Wilpons. Chris “Mad Dog” Russo said that Collins is on the hot seat entering spring training, and could get fired if the Mets aren’t above 500 come Memorial Day weekend. I hope this means Collins manages with a more competitive tone.

2. Parnell, is he the closer? –


Bobby Parnell will return from Tommy John surgery in 2015, and the debate on who should be the Mets closer is very interesting. My bet is only the only man who hasn’t closed, Familia. I believe this because Familia had the lowest ERA of anyone on the Mets last year, and held composure very well. If this or Mejia happens, what role does Parnell go into, could he be a potential trade chip?

1. Matt Harvey, even if you don’t want him to be- 


Harvey will be happy to know that he is once again the topic of conversation in Port St. Lucie. Questions like “Will Harvey be Harvey?” “Will Harvey have an innings limit?” “Will the man of the hour pitch on Opening Day?” are three of many questions surrounding Matt Harvey. Luckily, he loves talking to the media, so him getting “distracted” and “overwhelmed” by attention probably won’t impact his readiness for Opening Day, but could impact his cockiness.


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