3 Days until Spring Training! Oh the Joy!

Hey everyone. I got a chance to write a quick post while I’m on vacation. MetsPlus starts daily Spring Training coverage on February 25th, so, stay tuned!


As players from all across the league descend on Florida and Arizona, a sense of hope gets renewed. Teams like the Dodgers, Cardinals and Tigers, locks to make the postseason in some role, have the early confidence as the exhibition games commence. The teams that won’t make the postseason like the Phillies and the Astros get to see 2018 early with youngsters playing in the late innings of games. Then there are the guys in the middle. It’s sort of like a team that are not buyers or sellers during the trading deadline, so they are called stand-patters (something I talked about HERE, last June). The Mets have been stand-patters in the trading deadline for years, and there has always been issues with the team entering spring training. A lot of players on the Mets have a lot of things to prove this spring, like Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero , two players that are on the verge of making big-league camp, but are getting hurt by the large rotation and poor 2014 seasons. Steven Matz gets a pass during spring training, as he has just been put on the spot this offseason by the writers, and of course, his exception 2014 performance. On the hitting side, I still think that we could see a secret competition between Wilmer Flores and Ruben Tejada for shortstop. (If Tejada hits 350, and Flores hits under 200, Tejada is getting the nod, trust me.)

Baron phto a

So rejoice Mets fans, it’s spring training. Games start in two weeks, so get ready for some good old baseball coming back to a TV/Radio near you!

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  1. […] is the shortstop? Not so fast. As I talked about in my last post, if Tejada hits 350, and Flores hits under 200, Tejada is getting the nod, because that is what […]


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