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Hello Mets Fans, welcome to the second ever MetsPlus FAQ’s. Where we take a few FAQ’s, and I try my best to answer them! For next week’s addition, tweet me @NikoMLB and you might be in next weeks Fans MetsPlus FAQ’s. So today, it’s basically me having a conversation about the Mets with myself. Take it with a grain of salt.

1- Is Sandy done shopping?

Yes, that’s been apparent for a while now. Might not be such a bad thing, though, there could be some benefit to saving money. Hopefully we are not stand-patters come July.

2- Opening Day: deGrom or Harvey

This is an interesting question that not everyone is talking about. I lean towards deGrom for the game in Washington, but don’t be surprised if Harvey takes the hill.

3. – Ok, so, basically this whole season is question mark after question mark?

Pretty much.

4. – So, if the Mets get just one injury, the season could be a failure?

You got it.

5. Stop being a wise guy and give me answers, what can the Mets do to improve in 2015.

Honestly, the only position that needs to improve is Shortstop, and an improvement  can only happen through a blockbuster trade. Sandy has proven to be very hesitant in giving up prospects, so I believe a trade is unlikely.

6. – Why should I be optimistic for 2015?

Obviously you’ve never written MetsPlus (wait, that means I’ve never read my own blog). I wrote about why fans should be optimistic here

Until Next time- Niko Goutakolis

One Reply to “MetsPlus Monday FAQ’s”

  1. G-man says:

    Nicely done Niko!


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