So, is it safe to assume Flores is the starting shortstop?


Wilmer Flores has been a fill-in ever since he was promoted in August, 2013. His production has never been apparent, and he has little to no power. As Jerry Seinfeld said during his visit to the SNY Broadcast booth “I don’t like players that don’t have a position”. Neither do I, Jerry, and what’s even more ironic, is that unlike most position-less players, Flores has no pop out of his bat either! Usually, a player has either one out of the two prime qualities, with the All-Stars having both, but Flores, in all honesty, possess none of the two traits. Flores is a very nice and humble guy, but he does not deserve the praise that Sandy Alderson and other Mets ownership are giving him. I’m certainly not “comfortable” with Flo at short, but I do believe he is the best-equipped man to handle the situation throughout the organization. This is how the Mets should go about addressing the shortstop issue. It is safe to assume the Flores is getting the nod at short, baring an injury or a blockbuster late trade, so why don’t Mets ownership come out and say “We failed in getting a shortstop, and Flores is the best equipped to get us to the playoffs”. This honesty would be appreciated among the Mets Fan-Base, and I believe it would be a step in the right direction in heeling the relationship among ownership and fans.


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