January 2015

Queens Baseball Convention recap Part 2

First off, I want to apologize for not posting in a while. I had an illness, and I wasn’t in any shape to write! We ended Part 1 with Wally Backman, so I’m going to pick up from there.

After the Wally took questions, he stayed around for photos, a very nice “gentleman”, and is someone that could definitely lead our club.

We then went around to look at the little trade booths, in which we bought three pictures of current Mets stars (Murphy, Wright and deGrom)

We then went to the Augie’s Panoramic photos booth, in which I won the raffle, and got myself a Shea Stadium panorama from 2007. (I’m two for two in Mets raffles!) Finally, I went to the “Greatest Discussion of Mets uniforms”, which was great. Probably, my favorite panel of the day, as we all know the Mets fans have a passion for their uniforms.

I took a photo with Russ Gompers (Patch designer) afterwards.

Then, we left QBC, as the final event (Gil Hodges award) was in an hour. All in all, this was a star-studded event with lots of fun!


Queens Baseball Convention 2015 Recap Part 1

At last, QBC is here! The event, who was founded by Shannon Shark of MetsPolice.com, is in it’s second year. The venue is Mcfadden’s of Citi Field, a local bar & restaurant (but mostly bar) in the deep centerfield area of stadium. The program schedule was as follows:

The big attraction of the event was the Wally Backman and Mookie Wilson panels, both of which were really good. Due to the small size of the “Beer Garden” it was impossible for fans to get a seat, and my view was horrible, take a look:

Looks ok, but trust me, I was cramped in there, and I could barely get my phone out to snap a photo.

The picture above shows a small Mets home run Apple clock, that, according to the seller, is the only one of its kind. Is it? Probably not, but it’s still pretty good.

Before Wally Backman arrived, Sandy and Pee Wee entertained the crowd with a very cool fake “presser”, which young kids enjoyed immensely. I also met Darren Meenan, from The7Line.com, who, is a very nice guy.

I plan on going to two games this year, the Pittsburgh road trip and the Loyal till the Last Out 2015! The cool thing about Darren is that his proceeds of two very important shirts went to charity, including a post-9/11 shirt. You can also say that he is a third generation Mets employee, as his grandfather, the Cal Ripken of stadium employees, worked in Shea for 30+ seasons, without missing a game. All of this information was through a dialogue I had with his dad, a respectful gentleman who has a lot to be proud of. (not to mention a really cool, road blue away uniform!)

Then it was time for the Wally Backman panel, who, answered every question that moderator Adam Rubin had. The fans even had a chance to ask questions, which I thought was a cool feature. I then took a walk-around seeing people that I recognized, including Michael Baron (MetsBlog) and Brian Managan (Amazin’ Avenue).


BBA Live! (S1-E1) with Rick Keeler, Paul “Sully” Sullivan and Clint Evans

As the producer of BBA Live, I’m very proud of this show. The chemistry between Rick and Sully is great. It’s a must watch!

Baseball Bloggers Alliance


bba live 2014

The first episode of BBA Live! has aired! Tyler Scionti fills in for Clint Evans. Check it out now, as the guys discuss the HoF voting results, the remaining free agents, the Ben Zobrist trade and answer YOUR questions! Have a question for next weeks inbox? Email it! BaseballBloggersAlliance@gmail.com!

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Projecting the Mets’ Opening Day roster, Jan. 8

Nieuwenhuis vs den Dekker should be an intersecting battle in Spring Training, as should Carlyle vs Gilmartin, however, the glaring error in that list is the guy in the eight hole, Wilmer Flores. Josh Lewin from WOR said compromising middle infield defense may be risky with Flores and Murphy, so it could make since to get a defensively sound shortstop instead of Flores.

Mets Cetera

Six weeks remain between now and Spring Training, though if you believe Sandy Alderson, not much is going to change with the Mets between then and now. So it seems like a fine time to make our first roster projection of the year.


Without further ado:

CF Juan Lagares
2B Daniel Murphy
3B David Wright
1B Lucas Duda
RF Michael Cuddyer
LF Curtis Granderson
C  Travis d’Arnaud
SS Wilmer Flores

Barring injury, I don’t envision anything changing here between now and Opening Day. The Mets aren’t likely to bring in a new shortstop, and manager Terry Collins has already talked extensively about wanting Lagares to lead off. Even if the Mets face a left-hander on Opening Day (they won’t), these are probably the eight names you’ll see. It sounds like Cuddyer is a good bet to play right, shifting Granderson to left.

C Anthony Recker
OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis
OF John Mayberry, Jr.

INF Ruben Tejada

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Bobby Parnell set to receive 3.7 million dollars, avoiding arbitration


According to Adam Rubin from ESPN New York, Mets reliever Bobby Parnell will earn 3.7 million dollars for the 2015 MLB season. Parnell blew a save in his lone appearance of 2014 on Opening Day versus the Nationals. Jose Valverde, Kyle Farnsworth and Jenrry Mejia subsequently replaced him in order. Parnell could potentially start 2015 as the closer, and we expect a battle for the spot during the pre-season with Familia, Mejia and Parnell.

Pedro Martinez elected into the Hall of Fame; Mike Piazza falls short

Pedro Martinez received roughly 91% of the votes from BBWAA writers. Martinez won 219 games and had an ERA under 3 at 2.91. Martinez played on the New York Mets from 2005 to 2008.

Mike Piazza received 70% of the votes, falling 5% short of the 75% necessary. Piazza had a 7% increase from last year. Experts believe that Mike Piazza’s increase trend means that he’ll be in the Hall Of Fame by next year. John Smoltz, Craig Biggio and Randy Johnson also got elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.


Top 5 Posts of 2014 on MetsPlus

5. 11 Questions With Branden Wellington

In this exclusive interview, we go behind the scenes with Mets in-game host Branden Wellington, who shows us his daily routine, his favorite eats at Citi Field and his favorite promotional giveaways (that he advertises on TV).


4. Loyal Till the Last Out 2014 Recap

In this recap post, I talked about The 7 Line Army’s final gathering of 2014, where the Army enjoyed a pre game pig-roast, a tailgate party, and one heck of a good time. Promo items I received were in the Double digits, click the link to see how that amazing day surfaced!


3. Citi Field Winter Fest Review 

Arguably the best post of 2014, Winter Fest was a great time. The great minds at Metropolitan Hospitality were behind a Saturday afternoon in December, fun free events to all-star raffles ran galore throughout the event. Of course, the jewel of the event was the Jacob deGrom signed ball. Oops, I don’t want to give it all away, I’d really suggest reading that post!


2. “Game Changer” event from Steiner Sports

This post was also very special, as I interviewed the stars of the infamous 1986 World Series play in person. Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner were both great guys, and some of the answers that they gave me surprised me. If you want to check out my one-on-two with them, click the link!


1. 11 Questions with Art Shamsky

Art Shamsky was a great interview, mainly because his in-depth answers to my questions spoke volumes, and his post received the most views for a single post on MetsPlus for all-time. Buy in large, this is an interview you won’t want to miss.


I had an exceptional 2014 with all of the Mets fans out there, I look forward to the memories ahead in 2015!

Ben Zobrist is on the Mets radar, but he really shouldn’t be

Ben Zobrist sounds more like Daniel Murphy’s replacement than the Mets new shortstop. Zobrist, the ultra-utility guy, has been with the Tampa Bay Rays since 2006, and in those nine seasons, Ben has played eight positions, and is a two time all star. Simply put, Zobrist is a guy anyone would want on their team, the only problem is, Zobrist is an excuse to not sign a  real shortstop, and most importantly, not re-sign Daniel Murphy, something the Mets probably won’t do anyway.

Ben Zobrist

Don’t get the wrong impression, I really do like Ben Zobrist, he has a fast bat, and will hit 280 for you with no problem, I just don’t think he’s the right fit for the Mets, and the cost for him will be the same as it would be for Castro or Tulo, two actual shortstops with more talent. Honestly, I don’t think the Mets have spoken to Zobrist’s agents yet, and I highly doubt that this will ever come to surface.

Happy New Year from MetsPlus 100,000 views!

Today is an ultra-special day for MetsPlus.com, we now have 100,000 page views on this blog alone, and we look forward to creating more memories with you! HAPPY NEW YEAR METS FANS!!!!!! Lets go win a NL Pennant!