January 29th, 2015

Batter Up For A Cause: Autism Speaks!

Batter Up: Autism Speaks is one week from tonight! Thanks to the incredible folks over at Metropolitan Hospitality and the New York Mets, an additional benefit will be added to the ticket! If we can get 5 tickets purchased through this MetsPlus exclusive offer, then a “bonus” ticket (to a 2015 New York Mets game) will be handed over to an autistic child. ( No Promotional code necessary, just use the provided link) This is a pure feel good offer, and a chance to make a kids day. I’ve worked with fellow kids that are battling with Autism, and it’s these small things that can put a smile on a kids day, especially a kid that has enough worries in front of him already.

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It’s a win win for you the fan, as you can help a child, and have fun yourself! Each ticket includes a once-in-a lifetime experience: Taking batting practice in the Citi Field batting cages! Meanwhile, light refreshments will be served and the best mascot in baseball, Mr.Met, will be there! Step up to the plate for a cause, and a good time, two ways in one!


Mets add another Foo Fighters Show

The Mets announced a Foo Fighters concert for July 16th back in November, since demand was so high (first time I’ve heard that and the Mets in the same sentence), they’ve decided to add an additional concert for the 15th of July as well. A lot of people are excited about the chain of events coming to Citi Field in 2015, like the Spartan Race, The Bacon & Beer Classic and maybe a Fan Fest????


I will not be attending this concert, as that’s All-Star Week, but, at least the Mets are bringing in the dough somehow right? Maybe now the Mets can be pro-active and get a Shortstop. Wait, that’s never happening, not until the trade deadline, but by then, we could be far out of the race.

This season should be a fun one in Queens, I’ve said that for a while, but if the Mets just pushed a little more with acquiring players, the team would be golden. Too bad Alderson is struggling to take that leap of faith, if you don’t take a risk, you don’t receive any reward.