January 22nd, 2015

How should Josh Edgin be used out of the bullpen in 2015?


It’s a Saturday night at Citi Field in 2015. 30.000 spectators gaze upon a dicey situation. The sun has fallen, and the Dark Knight has risen…. at least until Terry Collins comes out of the dugout to pull Matt Harvey, because the bases are loaded, Freddie Freeman is up at the plate, and Harvey’s pitch count is in the triple digits. Edgin comes storming out of the bullpen, and, wouldn’t you know it, retires Freeman on one pitch. The crowd cheers, and as the top of the ninth appears with the Mets up 1-0, Parnell is taking the hill. Edgin hits the showers after throwing one 85 MPH fastball, and that one pitch determines if your getting beaten by the writers post game, of if the beat writers are brewing a positive scoop, in which, you get one half-sentence of recognition. That is how Josh Edgin will be used, and has been used since he was called up in 2012. If Edgin is the only southpaw heading north with the Mets, expect to see him in the game every day next year, as, a lefty is essential to a NL East pen these days….

MetsPlus Awards for 2014

Before we jump into the Pepper Prime Awards for 2015, we do one last award recap for the 2014 season. The three categories are: 1) Organizational Player of the Year. 2) Mets Sensation. 3) MetsPlusMVP.

Mets Plus 2015 Logo

Ok, let’s start with Organizational Player of the Year, our three candidates are Matt Reynolds, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz. Reynolds hit 343 and drove in 61 in Triple-A Las Vegas in 2014, he was a very impressive young shortstop, and could very well fit well into the Mets plans in 2015. Noah “Thor” Syndergaard had control issues in 2014, and combined with a late spring injury, Thor regressed slightly in 2014, nonetheless Thor is considered a top prospect. Steven Matz was an enormous surprise in 2014. I did a preview of him back in June, and I noted that his stuff could potentially be better than any other Mets prospect. Matz had a 2.25 ERA combined in AA-AAA for the 2014 season. Matz is 23, and he should make his first MLB appearance in 2014. Matz was recently named the 8th best LHP in Baseball, and is our 2014 Mets Organizational Player of the Year!


Next is Mets Sensation, in other words, a guy who came up and dazzled in 2014. Our three candidates are Travis d’Arnaud, Jacob deGrom and Jeurys Familia. Familia was great in the set-up role in 2014. In 76 games he pitched to a low 2.21 ERA, and even got around and saved five games. d’Arnaud struggled mightily in early spring, but after a quick stint with Wally Backman in Las Vegas, d’Arnaud got on track, and was productive. deGrom, our winner, had a low 2 ERA as well, was the NL Rookie of the Year and struck out 8 consecutive batters to start a MLB game (MLB Record).20141111-213011.jpg

Finally we have MetsPlus MVP. Our three candidates are Lucas Duda, Juan Lagares and Daniel Murphy. Three very deserving candidates, but only one ALL-STAR, and that’s Daniel Murphy. If Murphy didn’t get injured, he was most likely going to lead the NL in hits, among other categories. Since Daniel has only one year left of control, re-signing Daniel Murphy will be a hefty price to pay, but, if you have to spend money somewhere, you shouldn’t overlook Murph.20140610-222130.jpg