Thoughts on the Ian Desmond deal that fell through


I like Ian Desmond a lot. Probably more than Troy Tulowitzki, and when an All-Star shortstop like Desmond is available, I would pounce on him, regardless on the prospects that the Mets would be giving up. Desmond hit 24 home runs in 2014 with 91 runs batted in, and, in 2014, a pitcher dominated year, these numbers are very impressive, especially for a position that is lacking depth. Desmond was a part of a three team “blockbuster” trade between the Mets, Rays and the Nationals. The Mets were going to trade Noah Syndergaard and a minor prospect to the Rays, the Rays would ship Ben Zobrist (prior to his departure) to Washington, and the Nats would send Desmond to Queens.


So, why did the Mets balk? Did Sandy not want to choke up the money? That seems to be the case. It seems like most Mets fans would push the trigger, now, you come here for opinions, so, would I? The answer is yes to the Rays, no to the Nationals especially upon hearing the news that Max Scherzer signed a long-term deal to the Nationals that will give him roughly one million dollars per start. Send Thor to the Nats? Are you kidding me? Hey Nats, take assets after we lose our rental and make our run a one year deal that probably won’t even happen? NO. Just say that last sentence over and over, and you will realize how stupid that is. Anyway, I still have faith that the Mets will make it to the postseason, but, to do that, they will need to sign some big offensive names. Happy MLK Day- Niko

One Reply to “Thoughts on the Ian Desmond deal that fell through”

  1. G-man says:

    I would do the deal for one reason alone.
    There have been too many years that the Mets are irrelevant.
    This “rental” would enhance the Mets chances exponentially.
    Would revitalize the fan base and the Mets can possibly resign him. There seems to be a lot of fatigue from the perennial
    “Not this year but the next one the Mets will be the team to beat”


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