Queens Baseball Convention recap Part 2

First off, I want to apologize for not posting in a while. I had an illness, and I wasn’t in any shape to write! We ended Part 1 with Wally Backman, so I’m going to pick up from there.

After the Wally took questions, he stayed around for photos, a very nice “gentleman”, and is someone that could definitely lead our club.

We then went around to look at the little trade booths, in which we bought three pictures of current Mets stars (Murphy, Wright and deGrom)

We then went to the Augie’s Panoramic photos booth, in which I won the raffle, and got myself a Shea Stadium panorama from 2007. (I’m two for two in Mets raffles!) Finally, I went to the “Greatest Discussion of Mets uniforms”, which was great. Probably, my favorite panel of the day, as we all know the Mets fans have a passion for their uniforms.

I took a photo with Russ Gompers (Patch designer) afterwards.

Then, we left QBC, as the final event (Gil Hodges award) was in an hour. All in all, this was a star-studded event with lots of fun!


3 Replies to “Queens Baseball Convention recap Part 2”

  1. Shark1993 says:

    Nice recap Niko!!

  2. G-man says:

    Well done !!

  3. Parmenidis says:

    Bravo niko!

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