Queens Baseball Convention 2015 Recap Part 1

At last, QBC is here! The event, who was founded by Shannon Shark of MetsPolice.com, is in it’s second year. The venue is Mcfadden’s of Citi Field, a local bar & restaurant (but mostly bar) in the deep centerfield area of stadium. The program schedule was as follows:

The big attraction of the event was the Wally Backman and Mookie Wilson panels, both of which were really good. Due to the small size of the “Beer Garden” it was impossible for fans to get a seat, and my view was horrible, take a look:

Looks ok, but trust me, I was cramped in there, and I could barely get my phone out to snap a photo.

The picture above shows a small Mets home run Apple clock, that, according to the seller, is the only one of its kind. Is it? Probably not, but it’s still pretty good.

Before Wally Backman arrived, Sandy and Pee Wee entertained the crowd with a very cool fake “presser”, which young kids enjoyed immensely. I also met Darren Meenan, from The7Line.com, who, is a very nice guy.

I plan on going to two games this year, the Pittsburgh road trip and the Loyal till the Last Out 2015! The cool thing about Darren is that his proceeds of two very important shirts went to charity, including a post-9/11 shirt. You can also say that he is a third generation Mets employee, as his grandfather, the Cal Ripken of stadium employees, worked in Shea for 30+ seasons, without missing a game. All of this information was through a dialogue I had with his dad, a respectful gentleman who has a lot to be proud of. (not to mention a really cool, road blue away uniform!)

Then it was time for the Wally Backman panel, who, answered every question that moderator Adam Rubin had. The fans even had a chance to ask questions, which I thought was a cool feature. I then took a walk-around seeing people that I recognized, including Michael Baron (MetsBlog) and Brian Managan (Amazin’ Avenue).


8 Replies to “Queens Baseball Convention 2015 Recap Part 1”

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  2. Neil Corbett says:

    Hey, tell that clock seller, I’ve has an identical one for nearly 10 years. It sits on my front porch (in working order) as I type this. The seller’s a true carny-barker.
    Neil from Kingston, Pa.

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  6. Nick M says:

    They gave those clocks to fans that stayed on line outside Shea for first day ticket sales. I had one…unfortunately don’t know where my ex put it and am looking for a replacement. But nothing rare about them…


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