Month: January 2015

Batter Up For A Cause: Autism Speaks!

Batter Up: Autism Speaks is one week from tonight! Thanks to the incredible folks over at Metropolitan Hospitality and the New York Mets, an additional benefit will be added to the ticket! If we can get 5 tickets purchased through this MetsPlus exclusive offer, then a “bonus” ticket (to a

Mets add another Foo Fighters Show

The Mets announced a Foo Fighters concert for July 16th back in November, since demand was so high (first time I’ve heard that and the Mets in the same sentence), they’ve decided to add an additional concert for the 15th of July as well. A lot of people are excited

The curious case of Cesar Puello

Cesar Puello was drafted by the Mets several years ago. At age 23, he has served multiple suspensions, and has been subject to many doubts and injuries. At 23, Puello has displayed his power, and while his defense lacks, he can defiantly be a power bat off a big league

BBA Live (S1-E3)

The BBA’s flagship radio podcast continued this past saturday with the show’s third episode. Enjoy! – Niko Goutakolis

Get to learn Michael Cuddyer: Magic Tricks

A magician entertained school kids at Citi Field this week, and this was no ordinary magician. It was Mets right fielder Michael Cuddyer, take a look for yourself: Cuddyer is expected to play right field and some first base in 2015. Curtis Granderson is expected to shift to left field.

How should Josh Edgin be used out of the bullpen in 2015?

It’s a Saturday night at Citi Field in 2015. 30.000 spectators gaze upon a dicey situation. The sun has fallen, and the Dark Knight has risen…. at least until Terry Collins comes out of the dugout to pull Matt Harvey, because the bases are loaded, Freddie Freeman is up at the

MetsPlus Awards for 2014

Before we jump into the Pepper Prime Awards for 2015, we do one last award recap for the 2014 season. The three categories are: 1) Organizational Player of the Year. 2) Mets Sensation. 3) MetsPlusMVP. Ok, let’s start with Organizational Player of the Year, our three candidates are Matt Reynolds,

Thoughts on the Ian Desmond deal that fell through

I like Ian Desmond a lot. Probably more than Troy Tulowitzki, and when an All-Star shortstop like Desmond is available, I would pounce on him, regardless on the prospects that the Mets would be giving up. Desmond hit 24 home runs in 2014 with 91 runs batted in, and, in

BBA Live S1-E2

Listen to my new episode BBA Live! at #BBA With @PatMullin + @NikoMLB! LISTEN TO #BBAlive Listen to my new episode BBA Live! at #BBA With @PatMullin + @NikoMLB — Niko Goutakolis (@NikoGoutakolis) January 18, 2015

PITCH! Talks on Baseball Review

The first NYC Pitch Talks happened this past Wednesday at the BB King Blues Club in Times Square. I went with my dad, and we were looking forward to this exciting night with a lot of very credible reporters. The venue was beyond horrible, as there was a huge wait

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