December 2014

Batter Up for a Cause: Autism Speaks

Mets fans that dreamed of taking batting practice at Citi Field, and going to the Visitors Clubhouse, here is your chance! The Mets and Metropolitan Hospitality are teaming up with Autism Speaks to provide you with a once in a LIFETIME opportunity. Tickets are under $100, so they are not “crazy” expensive, and it’s good to know that your money is going towards a great cause. I wouldn’t blink before buying these tickets, as I expect it will sell out quickly.

Think about it, can you imagine your kids reaction on Christmas morning when you tell them that they will be taking batting practice at Citi Field? I mean, as a 15 year old, I would be jumping up and down! So, if your struggling to find something to find your kids for Christmas, look no further!

Morning from Chicago…..

With Gary Cohen a class act and one of the best television play-by-play announcers of Major League Baseball off Michigan Avenue in Chicago


MetsPlus opinionated: Terry Collins posts 2015 lineup in 2014

Terry Collins spoke to the New York Post about the 2015 Mets yesterday, and to be frank some of the things he said are questionable to say the least.

Collins revealed what he thought the 2015 Mets lineup is going to look like. And according to Terry Collins, if the season started today, he would bat Juan Lagares in the leadoff spot, followed in order by Curtis Granderson in left field, David Wright, Lucas Duda, Michael Cuddyer in right field, Daniel Murphy, Travis d’Arnaud, Wilmer Flores and then the pitcher. Are you kidding me? Murphy 6th and Granderson 2nd Granderson barely hit enough home runs to make us over look his abysmal average and your putting your lone all-star in the 6 hole? Here is what I think the Mets should do: Lagares, Murphy, Wright, Duda, Tulowitski, Cuddyer, Granderson, d’Arnaud and the pitcher. However, you might as well know that Terry Collins basically announced that Flores is the guy at short. Even though I don’t want to hear this, I am 100% convinced that this is the case. Sigh. Oh well, maybe the Mets will get their quality relief pitcher that we’ve been waiting for! No? Well then, it might be worth while knowing that Collins announced that Bobby Parnell is the closer moving forward, this I am impressed by.


Alderson doesn’t expect to trade soon, probably wait for January

Oh well. I guess it’s true, the Mets offseason is more boring than the New York Jets season!

Bobby Abreu had a better career than Derek Jeter

This is my post from October. I still believe in this, as it’s TRUE. Let’s Go Mets!

Mets Plus

Disclaimer: This Article is not just my opinion, it is backed up by STATS, which tell the story.

One of the great things about the postseason this year is that Derek Jeterfest is over. Derek Jeter IS the most overrated player of all time. Let me ask you some questions to start: Lets say Jeter played on the Royals his whole career, would he still be the same Jeter? NO. The only thing that would have changed would be the fact that we would have been the leader of their team, Jeter never came close to that position as a Yankee. It’s Postseason time right? Well let me ask you this, how many rings did Jeter lead the Yankees to? Yeah that’s right NONE. I can think of 2 memorable playoff plays. 2!!! For a team that made the postseason EVERY SINGLE YEAR, I can only think of 2. Jeter…

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CitiField WinterFest review + Jacob DeGrom signed Ball!!!

The Inagural CitiField WinterFest took place today, at, you guessed it, Citi Field.

This event was hosted by the wonderful guys over at Metropolitan Hospitality, follow them on Twitter @CitiFieldEvents. Of course, no Christmas event could occur without the man himself, Santa Claus!

Santa was on hand early to greet the kids before they entered through the Hodges VIP Gate, in right field. After we got in, we were greeted with fun family events, all sponsored by Oriental Trading. Some of the highlights of the event were the Gingerbread Cookie making station. See pictures below:



I meant for the Blue in middle to say “Mets”, but since it was a little runny, that became impossible. Like FallFest, the Mets had one concession stand open, I ate the Chicken+Fries combo, and ate it while watching “The Charlie Brown Christmas Special” in the Delta Sky360 Club. I used this opportunity to get a photo with Mr and Mrs. Met (who was wearing her Ugly Sweater.)

Mr.Met has to get rid of his snow whites as well. It’s pinstripes only in 2015. Anyway, this event’s “grande finale” was undoubtedly the raffle. Baseball’s signed from legends like Darryl Strawberry and Tom Seaver, to Derek Jeter and Jacob deGrom. I bought the 5 tickets for 20 dollars package, and initially put three tickets in the Jacob deGrom bucket and one in the Tom Seaver bucket. I wanted to put the renaming ticket in the Keith Hernandez bucket, but reluctantly, I threw it into the deGrom one, ended up being a smart move. After that, me and my mom needed an ATM. We walked all the way through the stadium, into the back of the World’s Fair Market, to use the one at the employees cafeteria. On the way, I was able to snap a few photos!


We arrived back at the Caesars Club in time for the raffle drawing, and wouldn’t you know it, that last raffle ticket turned out the winning raffle!!!



I took that last photo as we were heading back to the 7 train, but not before a free doughnut by Dunkin’. Before I get into the deGrom ball, I must say thank you to the entire Mets organization and everyone involved in making Winter Fest so special. Now, to the good stuff. I actually won something. I’ve retweeted all of the Mets giveaways, and never won one, any contest, I never win. Today, I had fate on my side! deGrom was easily the jewel of the giveaway balls. Look at the price of one online:

This is almost like a good omen for things to come for the Mets and deGrom. I look forward to attending #WinterFestCF in 2015!

John Mayberry Jr. signs 1 year deal worth 1+ Million

I’m going to come out and say this: I HATE this signing. Why? Paying over a million dollars for a washed-out corner outfielder is ridiculous. The Mets outfield, as crowded as it is, gets an addition with Mayberry, who hit a whopping 212, with only 7 home runs, in Philadelphia (a hitters paradise) and Toronto (a hitters heaven.) And to be frank, a big-tall guy with no speed hitting seven home runs in the two best parks to be a hitter in (sans Yankee Stadium) is not impressive. And, as I eluded to earlier, Mayberry doesn’t have any speed whatsoever, stealing a mesmerizing 0 bases. My problem is that if the Mets wanted an extra outfielder, they should have kept Eric Young Jr. who, had a better average (229), and has considerably more speed. Which, will be an issue this year. The Mets have zero speed. Alderson wasted time with this signing, instead of signing a shortstop with speed, he signs a “Scott Hariston with a decline in power” bat. Seriously, Sandy, this isn’t the right move.

Mets sign Scott Rice to a minor league deal

After the Feliciano era, and the Byrdak era, Scott Rice became “the” lefty in the Mets pen. Even though his Mets tenure lasted 1 and a half years, with somewhat good stuff, he will be given another chance in the Mets organization.

Rice had season-ending elbow surgery in July after getting demoted in favor of Josh Edgin, who was very good in 2014. Scott will receive an invitation to major league camp.

Steiner Sports “Game Changer” event with Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner

Today, I had the pleasure of covering the Steiner Sports “In their own words” hand written collection. It was a jam-packed event, filled with sports legends from corner to corner. Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Dereck Whittenburg, Mookie Wilson, Keith Hernandez ,David Cone,Bill Buckner, David Tyree, Mike Eruzione, Doug Williams, Brian Leetch, Larry Johnson, C.C. Sabathia, Joe Klecko, Marty Lyons, we’re all there. To learn a little bit more about the Steiner Sports & Memorabilia, I strongly recommend watching this video clip:

I arrived at the event just before it wrapped up. While I really didn’t want this to be the cause, circumstances prevented me from showing up earlier. Diego Isio, the events coordinator, invited me to this event, so a huge shout-out to him for making this possible.

Before I get into my recap, you can see more coverage of the event here and here.

I got the chance to interview two players that were involved in one of the most memorable plays in Baseball history Mookie Wilson and Billy Buckner.

I wonder what it’s like to be asked the same question, over and over, day after day. That’s why I hesitated before putting the infamous “it gets through Buckner!!!” play on my question sheet. However, We only live once, so I went ahead with it. Buckner said “Well quite honestly, baseball fans realize that one play isn’t the reason why the Red Sox didn’t win, and, it’s like life, everybody goes through trials, and it’s how you handle them and how you look at it.” Talking more about his career, Buckner said, “Well, I was a good player like you said, but that was a long time ago, and people don’t really remember that. They know who I am now, and they know that I was a pretty good player.”

Buckner retired after the 1990 season with the Red Sox. I asked him what he has done post-career. “I coached for about 10 years… Stayed in the game”. Finally I asked Buckner what it’s like to play in a prestigious baseball cathedral like Wrigley or Fenway. Here’s what he said: “Well, Wrigley Field and Fenway, are obviously small ballparks and cozy, and with the wind going the right direction it creates pretty good hitting. So we had some pretty good games there. 23-22 against the Phillies, 15-14 against the Reds, and in Fenway, it’s such a different type of ball park with that big wall and the nostalgia.
I really enjoyed his responses, and thank him for letting me conduct an interview of him!

Next up was Mookie Wilson, number 1, speed, top of the lineup, and most importantly, the guy who hit the “little roller along first”. I asked him what his most special moment was, and his answer was no surprise! “I think any athlete, once you win a championship, that has to be the moment that highlights the career, because this is what you play for. There are other moments that are just as exciting, my very first game at Dodger Stadium was a dream, seeing them on TV on time. Also, winning my first game, getting the game winning hit, hitting a home run off Bruce Sutter to win the game.” I also asked him about the differences about the game in the 80’s compared to now. He said, “The preparation for the game has changed, guys put more time at the stadium, and, coaches are expected to put up the same amount of time…. That’s the biggest change I think”. I asked him about the 2015 Mets and if he had any predictions. He told me, “No, I don’t have any predictions, I think that, they are moving in a direction that I like, and, we have to see where it ends up. You don’t win it on paper, you win it on the field.”
As the bias Mets fan that I am, I wish he had more confidence in the 2015 Mets, as I think this team will be very special.
Also, here’s the video of the infamous play in Game 6 of the 1986 Fall Classic:

Special thanks to everybody who helped me during this experience!


Winter Meetings=Lots of Deals!

So far, the winter meetings have had lots of trades, and signings. Here’s a run down on trades and signings!

1. White Sox acquire Jeff Sammardzija.
I like this move. The White Sox add another decent arm to their rotation.
He should be a #2 guy behind Sale.
2. Cubs acquire Miguel Montero.
Wow. Looks like the Cubs are doing some work. Also, great move.

3. Jason Hammel signs with Cubs.
Looks like Hammel is going back to the Cubs. He’s a pretty decent arm. Good buy low pitcher.

That’s about it so far! More updates soon!