Third time the charm for Mike Piazza?


On September 29th, 2013, Mike Piazza was inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame. 2013 was also the first year Mike Piazza made it on the real Hall of Fame ballot, however, he only received 57.8% of the votes, missing the 75% requirement. In the following year, Piazza received 62.2% of the votes. A considerable increase, but still a huge gap in order to reach the elusive 75%. This year, with the help of Baseball Think Factory, we are getting  glimpse of what the Hall of Fame ballot will look like. So far, Piazza has 78.9 % of the writers on his side, while this is good, it’s really too early to tell anything from this since we only have 90 ballots collected of the over 300 ballots that will be tallied on the first week of January. Usually, the people that conceal their ballots are the more stubborn writers, who tend to vote for fewer players. While this is just an assumption, it is something that you shouldn’t over look. So, will the third time be the charm for Mike Piazza? Most likely, but, if he isn’t, the incline in the percentage tells me he will make it before the 10 year limit.


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