Will David Wright win Face of MLB in 2015?

The MLB Network Face of MLB challenge returns this January! Last year, David Wright took home the awards as the Face, but this year, strong competition and a not-so-good year for Wright makes his odds of winning extremely slim. wright-face-of-mlb

Since it’s the day after Christmas, however, let’s be positive! Here are three reasons why David Wright might win Face of MLB!

1) If Eric Sogard can do it, so can David Wright- You have to remember that this is a Twitter contest, not the MVP award. One team can win by doing a Twitter giveaway contest, but only if you vote. This is how Eric Sogard snuck through the cracks in 2014. If you don’t know who Eric Sogard is, neither do I.

2)  New York fan base vs (other) fan base- The road to success in this contest is to make sure that you never face a “big-money” franchise. As long as your not facing St.Louis, Los Angeles or Boston, the New York team will win, because, the fans are there. Even if they are hiding in the dark, the Mets have fans.

3) People like David Wright- Wright is a likable guy, even when he is bad, he’s always up there on the All-Star Game ballot.

All in all, I enjoy Face of MLB.Why? When Face of MLB ends, the Spring Training schedule begins, I like how the event is co-ordinated, as it makes you see the light at the end of a long tunnel. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Lead Writer: Niko Goutakolis 


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