The Mets and Troy Tulowitzki have been connected in a lot of trade talks, and every week someone comes out and says that a deal is “not going to happen”. Here is what this means behind the scenes:

Troy Tulowitzki has always been the face of the Rockies since Todd Helton’s retirement, and maybe longer. This means that then Mets need to give away a few A list prospects in return for Tulowitzki. I believe everything the Mets have offered (probably substantially less than needed) has been denied, resulting in the “The deal is not happening” response. So what makes the not happening a deal? Wheeler and Syndergaard for Tulowitzki and a reliever that won’t brake the bank. Tulowitzki is a All-Star shortstop, and he can get the Mets to the World Series, let alone the postseason.

3 Replies to “Tulo-Mets?”

  1. Nick, I did not want to post this on the MLBlogs.com Central post. You would not have posted up 1st in the Fan Blogs. I had 91,210 views in November and as of 4 pm 12/23/14 I’ve had 74,215 and counting.
    I know that not having the Latest Leader’s list is frustrating, but if you write quality as well as quantity, Mark will re-blog one of your posts and your viewership will rise.
    Do not fret that this one thing has been taken away but look at it as an incentive to dig deep find great material and post a story people will be eager to read and follow you.
    You have a great writing style, just keep the faith and do not get discouraged and you will be just fine.
    I do not write to be number 1, but over time it just turned out that way. I am one of a handful of Rays blogs, but one of the only one who posts year round and has my own readership of followers (48 as of 12/23).
    Be the best blogger you can be and when the cloud part one day….You will find your works re-blogged and mentioned on a more influential basis.
    Keep the faith Nick.

    • Would you mind sharing a screenshot that shows this? I know this is strange to ask. But since you have 1.8 million all time, 91,210 in November would suggest about 1.1 million in 2014 and about 700.000 views the other 6-7 years.That seems illogical. Otherwise I thank you for your kind words! Best of the season to you!


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