December 23rd, 2014

LJ Mazzilli suspended 50 Games

LJ, a relative of Lee Mazzilli, has been suspended for 50 games for a second positive drug test in a short two year career. The Mets said in a statement released Tuesday that Mazzilli “has sought counseling to address his issues.” LJ has some attributes that could lead to a good career.


The Mets and Troy Tulowitzki have been connected in a lot of trade talks, and every week someone comes out and says that a deal is “not going to happen”. Here is what this means behind the scenes:

Troy Tulowitzki has always been the face of the Rockies since Todd Helton’s retirement, and maybe longer. This means that then Mets need to give away a few A list prospects in return for Tulowitzki. I believe everything the Mets have offered (probably substantially less than needed) has been denied, resulting in the “The deal is not happening” response. So what makes the not happening a deal? Wheeler and Syndergaard for Tulowitzki and a reliever that won’t brake the bank. Tulowitzki is a All-Star shortstop, and he can get the Mets to the World Series, let alone the postseason.