Batter Up for a Cause: Autism Speaks

Mets fans that dreamed of taking batting practice at Citi Field, and going to the Visitors Clubhouse, here is your chance! The Mets and Metropolitan Hospitality are teaming up with Autism Speaks to provide you with a once in a LIFETIME opportunity. Tickets are under $100, so they are not “crazy” expensive, and it’s good to know that your money is going towards a great cause. I wouldn’t blink before buying these tickets, as I expect it will sell out quickly.

Think about it, can you imagine your kids reaction on Christmas morning when you tell them that they will be taking batting practice at Citi Field? I mean, as a 15 year old, I would be jumping up and down! So, if your struggling to find something to find your kids for Christmas, look no further!

2 Replies to “Batter Up for a Cause: Autism Speaks”

  1. Paul ugins says:

    What a wonderful Cause filled with a lifetime of memories!!
    Can anyone participate?


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