December 16th, 2014

Alderson doesn’t expect to trade soon, probably wait for January

Oh well. I guess it’s true, the Mets offseason is more boring than the New York Jets season!

Bobby Abreu had a better career than Derek Jeter

This is my post from October. I still believe in this, as it’s TRUE. Let’s Go Mets!

Mets Plus

Disclaimer: This Article is not just my opinion, it is backed up by STATS, which tell the story.

One of the great things about the postseason this year is that Derek Jeterfest is over. Derek Jeter IS the most overrated player of all time. Let me ask you some questions to start: Lets say Jeter played on the Royals his whole career, would he still be the same Jeter? NO. The only thing that would have changed would be the fact that we would have been the leader of their team, Jeter never came close to that position as a Yankee. It’s Postseason time right? Well let me ask you this, how many rings did Jeter lead the Yankees to? Yeah that’s right NONE. I can think of 2 memorable playoff plays. 2!!! For a team that made the postseason EVERY SINGLE YEAR, I can only think of 2. Jeter…

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