CitiField WinterFest review + Jacob DeGrom signed Ball!!!

The Inagural CitiField WinterFest took place today, at, you guessed it, Citi Field.

This event was hosted by the wonderful guys over at Metropolitan Hospitality, follow them on Twitter @CitiFieldEvents. Of course, no Christmas event could occur without the man himself, Santa Claus!

Santa was on hand early to greet the kids before they entered through the Hodges VIP Gate, in right field. After we got in, we were greeted with fun family events, all sponsored by Oriental Trading. Some of the highlights of the event were the Gingerbread Cookie making station. See pictures below:



I meant for the Blue in middle to say “Mets”, but since it was a little runny, that became impossible. Like FallFest, the Mets had one concession stand open, I ate the Chicken+Fries combo, and ate it while watching “The Charlie Brown Christmas Special” in the Delta Sky360 Club. I used this opportunity to get a photo with Mr and Mrs. Met (who was wearing her Ugly Sweater.)

Mr.Met has to get rid of his snow whites as well. It’s pinstripes only in 2015. Anyway, this event’s “grande finale” was undoubtedly the raffle. Baseball’s signed from legends like Darryl Strawberry and Tom Seaver, to Derek Jeter and Jacob deGrom. I bought the 5 tickets for 20 dollars package, and initially put three tickets in the Jacob deGrom bucket and one in the Tom Seaver bucket. I wanted to put the renaming ticket in the Keith Hernandez bucket, but reluctantly, I threw it into the deGrom one, ended up being a smart move. After that, me and my mom needed an ATM. We walked all the way through the stadium, into the back of the World’s Fair Market, to use the one at the employees cafeteria. On the way, I was able to snap a few photos!


We arrived back at the Caesars Club in time for the raffle drawing, and wouldn’t you know it, that last raffle ticket turned out the winning raffle!!!



I took that last photo as we were heading back to the 7 train, but not before a free doughnut by Dunkin’. Before I get into the deGrom ball, I must say thank you to the entire Mets organization and everyone involved in making Winter Fest so special. Now, to the good stuff. I actually won something. I’ve retweeted all of the Mets giveaways, and never won one, any contest, I never win. Today, I had fate on my side! deGrom was easily the jewel of the giveaway balls. Look at the price of one online:

This is almost like a good omen for things to come for the Mets and deGrom. I look forward to attending #WinterFestCF in 2015!

5 Replies to “CitiField WinterFest review + Jacob DeGrom signed Ball!!!”

  1. G-man says:

    Way to go Niko!!!

  2. Paul Ugins says:

    Not bad. ROY signature in the house.

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