John Mayberry Jr. signs 1 year deal worth 1+ Million

I’m going to come out and say this: I HATE this signing. Why? Paying over a million dollars for a washed-out corner outfielder is ridiculous. The Mets outfield, as crowded as it is, gets an addition with Mayberry, who hit a whopping 212, with only 7 home runs, in Philadelphia (a hitters paradise) and Toronto (a hitters heaven.) And to be frank, a big-tall guy with no speed hitting seven home runs in the two best parks to be a hitter in (sans Yankee Stadium) is not impressive. And, as I eluded to earlier, Mayberry doesn’t have any speed whatsoever, stealing a mesmerizing 0 bases. My problem is that if the Mets wanted an extra outfielder, they should have kept Eric Young Jr. who, had a better average (229), and has considerably more speed. Which, will be an issue this year. The Mets have zero speed. Alderson wasted time with this signing, instead of signing a shortstop with speed, he signs a “Scott Hariston with a decline in power” bat. Seriously, Sandy, this isn’t the right move.

2 Replies to “John Mayberry Jr. signs 1 year deal worth 1+ Million”

  1. G-man says:

    Agree 100%

  2. Shark1993 says:

    Don’t understand that move either

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