December 3rd, 2014

Flores or Tejada? Neither.

The Mets have all winter to decide what to do with their shortstop situation, but it’s becoming more clear to the general public that the Mets intentions are to take Flores and Tejada into spring training, fail to make a decision, and trade on of them in April ala Duda and Davis. While I’m almost certain this is the route the Mets will take, I believe the should trade for a high-end shortstop. Why? Because the Mets have “stood-pat” too many times in recent offseason in positions that they require help in. If the Mets focus is to bring up a Matt Reynolds, and they don’t want to bring him up till July, then they should still sign a Clint Barmes type veteran. They did this in 2013 with John Buck in the catching position. Even though d’Arnaud was projected to come up in June, (he eventually came up in August), they signed a defense catcher, who ended up being very good offensively, in John Buck. He also provided confidence into the young pitching staff, and set the table for d’Arnaud. If you can remember, John Buck also got traded for Vic Black, a powerhouse in the bullpen.

At age 36, the Mets could sign Barmes to a 1 year 1.5 million dollar deal, let him pave the way for a young Matt Reynolds in July, and trade Barmes before the deadline.

Mets non-tender Eric Young JR

Since Jose Reyes, the only speedy guy to ever play for the Mets was Eric Young Jr. Eric Young was not an exceptional hitter, he was not an exceptional fielder, he was however, a great clubhouse guy, and a speed threat off the bench.


During the arbitration deadline, the Mets decided to offer contracts to Ruben Tejada was offered a contract, in addition to Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, Dillon Gee, Ruben Tejada, Jenrry Mejia and Bobby Parnell, all of whom will have their 2015 salary negotiated with the team of with an arbitrator.