Month: December 2014

BBA Elects Niko Goutakolis as the new Alliance President

All I want is Baseball

Baseball. A great sport that gets a lot of revenue on an annual basis. If you have been watching MLB Network or any of the Baseball coverage that airs on SNY, it’s getting old and stale, and I’ll be there first to admit it, I’m sick of talking about how

Will the Mets sign anyone else this offseason?

So far this offseason, the Mets have signed one major player, Michael Cuddyer, to a two year deal in early November. The Mets have since been mute, only signing minor league players and trades that barely make the local newspaper. What can the Mets do now? Sign someone before the

#MetsMoment countdown: #8 Ike Davis Walk Off Grand Slam

On April 5th 2014 Ike Davis hit a Walk-off Grand Slam to lift the Mets over the Reds. The Mets improved to 2-3.

Third time the charm for Mike Piazza?

On September 29th, 2013, Mike Piazza was inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame. 2013 was also the first year Mike Piazza made it on the real Hall of Fame ballot, however, he only received 57.8% of the votes, missing the 75% requirement. In the following year, Piazza received 62.2%

What might a Mets playoff roster look like?

Originally posted on Mets Cetera:
Imagine if the Mets had made the playoffs this season. Given so many season-ending injuries and so much roster uncertainty, constructing a capable playoff roster would be a monumental task. Here’s a stab at what one might have looked like: Catcher: Anthony Recker, Juan Centeno…

Will David Wright win Face of MLB in 2015?

The MLB Network Face of MLB challenge returns this January! Last year, David Wright took home the awards as the Face, but this year, strong competition and a not-so-good year for Wright makes his odds of winning extremely slim.  Since it’s the day after Christmas, however, let’s be positive! Here

Merry Christmas to Mets fans around the world

I hope everyone out in Mets-land is enjoying a healthy Christmas season and a Happy New Year. Share a Christmas or New Years resolution in the comments section below. MetsPlus will be a little more quiet until the New Year, but we do have some exciting stuff up for you

LJ Mazzilli suspended 50 Games

LJ, a relative of Lee Mazzilli, has been suspended for 50 games for a second positive drug test in a short two year career. The Mets said in a statement released Tuesday that Mazzilli “has sought counseling to address his issues.” LJ has some attributes that could lead to a


The Mets and Troy Tulowitzki have been connected in a lot of trade talks, and every week someone comes out and says that a deal is “not going to happen”. Here is what this means behind the scenes: Troy Tulowitzki has always been the face of the Rockies since Todd Helton’s

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