Is the “relief ace” a good idea?

Brian Managan of suggested the idea of a “relief ace” last week on his blog. For those not aware of what a relief ace is, it’s basically when you have 6 starters, and the 6th man works out of the bullpen and fills in periodically. This doesn’t make sense to me, because while I agree with the “you can never have too much pitching” motto, the Mets depth does not stop at 6 starters. Syndergaard, Montero and Matz are all on the rise, and Carlos Torres is a proven spot starter. I believe trading Niese is the smart thing to do. The Mets could trade an above average shortstop for Niese. Gee would become the 5th starter, and if anyone got injured, or if Harvey needed a rest, you could insert any of the 4 other guys the Mets have, that I listed above.


One Reply to “Is the “relief ace” a good idea?”

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