In case you missed it this morning on MLB Network……

Hello Mets fans. I know that I’m supposed to keep this blog Mets-centered, but I need to clear something up. Yesterday, I sent a tweet to Ken Rosenthal. I said “Ken Rosenthal, Can you please tell the public that this Lester-Red Sox stuff is fake. is ruining the reputation of us kid writers” I did this on behalf of the youth blogger caucus that believes that Jake Wesley, age 13, is a reporter who made up reports. I’ve broken two uniform stories in my life, so it’s not like I’m a powerful voice on the “Rumors-sphere”. My job is to provide opinions to the latest news and stories. I believe my accomplishments have paid dividends, as I’ve become the 2nd best writer on I do however, have sources, and never expose something until I’m 100% sure of it. Neither Devan Fink, Robert Murray or any other prestigious youth bloggers have received indication of this “Deadline”, and that Lester was seconds away from signing with Boston. How come no one heard of Jake Wesley before last week? The answer is obvious. He, not me, was jealous. Jake Wesley does not have an affiliate or blog. He works solely on Twitter. And our private conversations give me even more reason to suggest that this whole thing is bogus, however my problem isn’t to bash Jake Wesley…. at least not all of it. I’m on edge because reporters that have worked very hard, like Devan, need credibility in their work, unlike me. Now, why does he need more credit? Because he is strictly a rumors writer. And when you write about MLB rumors, it’s hard enough when you have the “kid” stigma dragging you back, and the last thing you need, is some kid, reporting fake rumors, and making your work much harder than it needs to be. Think of it this way: You see two reports, one from a 12 year old and one from Ken Rosenthal, you immediately read Rosenthal. My opinion is my own, and it always will be. My job can be done regardless of age. Also, if I screw up, its just my opinion, but if a rumors writer screws up, their career is at risk.

Ken Rosenthal replied to me shortly after and respectfully said that he did not want to get involved. There is that, game over. We exchanged goodbyes, and the day was done. However, that is not what happened. Mr.Rosenthal opened up another can of worms but featuring my tweet on Hot Stove this morning. Kid writers all around still have the utmost respect for him but his statements sounded as if we are something less. And, unfortunately, kids need verified exposure, in this case Ken Rosenthal to get noticed. I’ve seen little kids do better jobs than professionals, however eliminating the stigma will be hard. Ken Rosenthal and MLB Network’s decision to feature my tweet will give the public a NEGATIVE view of youth writers, something we all are against. I respect Ken very much and I will do anything in my power to defend myself, and the other kid bloggers.

6 Replies to “In case you missed it this morning on MLB Network……”

  1. G-man says:

    Right on Niko!!!

  2. Joe-Bob says:

    Great article! Ken is such a jerk

  3. AceBallFAST23 says:

    Wow! This is a shocking article. First time anyone has stood up to Ken….


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