Mets Black Friday deals

The Mets announced a list of Black Friday deals for sale at their team store. The Mets team store at CitiField will be open from 9am to 4pm this Friday. Here are some cool unique products on sale this Friday!

Mets Ski and Snowboard: The Mets have released a couple winter items, and this one is beyond cool. Who wouldn’t want to go down the mountain faster than the Mets collapse in July?
Jokes aside, this is a really good product. It’s good to see the Mets adding a product line for other sports.

Mets Hoodie : While it seems small and boring. Hoodies are somewhat stylish and the gray looks nice with the Mets wordmark script. Good buy for the spring. Wouldn’t recommend now that Fall is over (at least in New York.)

Mets knit hat: The Mets knit hat says Winter all around. Snag one at Winter Fest of you attend.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and you family! We will all be feasting one week from today!

Note: Congratulations to Cover Those Bases’ own Devan Fink (yes we finally have figured out his last name). He just made his first TV Appearance (MLBN) I’ve worked on him on a lot of projects, and hopefully many more to come. All of the Mets fans should follow @CoverThoseBases and check out .


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