More random thoughts on Cuddyer, deGrom and the Shortstop situation

What a great day to be a Mets Fan. The Mets signed Michael Cuddyer yesterday, to a 2 year 21 Million dollar deal. The Mets had to give away a 1st Round draft pick to sign Cuddyer. The good news is that this means the Mets finally realize that the future is now. This is really good news…. Cuddyer is not a huge signing. But anytime the Mets go out of their conservative shell, you know something is positive. Cuddyer will play Right Field, and Grandy will patrol Left. This is because Cuddyer has only played 11 Games there all time.

Also, if you listened to the Mets conference call today, you heard all of this “friendship” talk between David Wright and Michael Cuddyer. I have one problem with this: Cuddyer said he followed Wright’s high school career while he was in pro ball. Since they are 4 years apart, why would a professional baseball player follow a freshman’s baseball career? Very few pro athletes can be predicted in 9th Grade. Also, why would you even read an article on a 9th Grade Baseball team let alone focus on one player? The answer? He didn’t, and I bet you have already figured that out. Now, why am I cherry-picking Cuddyer’s statements? I want to see how he responded to the media on his first presser. It was a very “underwhelming” press conference, but still worth listening.

deGrom has had a very good long weekend as well. Getting married and winning the Rookie of the Year? Quite a good Double Play, a pitcher’s best friend. deGrom deserved the ROY, he was considerably better than Hamilton, and those 8 strikeouts to start a game put him over the top.
The Shortsop situation is in flux at the moment. And the Mets should remain quiet until the Winter Meetings. Close shop for a bit, and come back later and turn on the Hot Stove. Speaking of which, is a very “interesting” show on MLB Network.



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