I see 2015. You should too.


2015 has been the year referred to 100 times to much. Quotes like “Wait till next year” and “2014 no.. 2015 maybe” are past, the 2015 Mets will make the playoffs, I saw a second place team with 79 wins in 2014, and now I’m going to see 87 wins and a playoff berth.

Now, can I confirm playoffs in 2015? No. But I can say this: Fans are not going to take another year of mediocrity but it doesn’t stop with the fans. Neither will the Media (true, I know) or the owners. Collins and Alderson will be held accountable if Los Mets don’t win. Now, we’re talking a lot but neglecting the numbers. Lucas Duda hit 30 HR’s in 2014. And since Duda played in CitiField last year, I’m satisfied. He’s fine. Daniel Murphy must come back in 2015, as he was the Mets lone All-Star, and deserved it. Shortstop is problematic, and the Mets are looking for help in that market as we speak. Captain Wright is at Third, and he will re-bound in 2015. Something I hope to talk about in an upcoming post. The outfield, consisting of Grandy, Lagares and a FA or EY/den Dekker, is not one to complain about. The rotation, is top notch. In fact, I could argue that the Mets have the best arms in the league. Buy and large, the Mets are set to bring their A-Game this Spring!


4 Replies to “I see 2015. You should too.”

  1. Rick doak says:

    That was great Niko !! Go loveable Mets Go
    Rick doak

  2. Rick doak says:

    That was great Niko !! Go loveable Mets Go
    Rick Yankee doak

  3. Pamela says:

    Awsome work Niko. Keep up the great work. Gemie.

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