5 People that probably won’t but should replace Kevin Burkhardt

As you know, Kevin Burkhardt, longtime Mets field reporter is moving on to more epic calling duties this year full time. Kevin Burkhardt is now the official B-Host for NFL on FOX. So besides Steve Gelbs, who should be the replacement?
1. Al Roker (NBC/ Weather)

Roker, a Queens born man, would be a “interesting” fit to say the least, but his charismatic personality and weather reports would provide a very new approach to insider reporting. The only downside is a find it hard to see him leaving NBC for SNY.

2. Chris Carlin (SNY- LoudMouths)


While Carlin left the Mets pre and post game broadcasts in 2013. He is not removed from the network. He still hosts “LoudMouths” and occasionally SportsNite. He resembles Tony Siragusa, and let’s be honest, who would want to see a open ending person conducting interviews.

3. Gary Apple (SNY)

Apple’s vanilla personality is a draw-in for the Mets, but since he’s landed a spot on the pre and post broadcasts, I doubt we will see him. It would be a pleasant surprise to see him be the on-field reporter in 2015.

4. Drew Carey (CBS/ TPIR)

One of the most humblest men in the television business is Drew Carey. While I would pay SNY to get him, there are two factors:
A~ He’ll never leave CBS
B~He probably has very limited Baseball knowledge.

5. Branden Wellington

Probably Gelbs’ only competition, Wellington was the Mets in-game host in 2014, and probably the best man for the job, for more on Wellington check out my interview with himhttps://metsplus.com/2014/09/19/11-questions-with-mets-in-game-host-branden-wellington/


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