BREAKING: Mets make various uniform changes

The Mets have made various uniform changes today. To the Uniform’s themselves, only two changes were made. The old cream pinstripes (2012-2014) will remain the same, but ditch the cream color. Here’s a picture:


The Mets will also ditch their snow whites. Something they have had since 1997. It was by far the most used home uniform from ’97 to ’11, but the pinstripes got slightly more usage after that. Having two whites would have been ridiculous, so canning the snow whites is a great move. Here’s a rundown of this years uni’s:


Sad that the cream wasn’t brought back, it was my favorite. But the white pins are really cool too. This means the Mets will have two assigned days for colors: Camo on Monday and Blues on Friday, the pinstripes will be worn all the other days.

If you didn’t look closely in the photo, 2 new caps will be added. A road alternate, and a batting practice hat, both of which can be seen in the photo below.


The Mets have a great new look for 2015, and now hopefully the players wearing them, will guide them to a World Series ring!

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    This is an article I wrote last Fall describing the Mets uniform changes


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