Is Ruben the answer?

Ever since Ruben Tejada has come up in April 2010 as a young 20 year old, criticism has surrounded him. Either his defense was at par or his hitting was mediocre


The prime candidates for starting Shortstop in 2015 are:

1.Wilmer Flores (Evaluation Grade: B)

2. Ruben Tejada (E-Grade: D)

3. Matt Reynolds (E- Grade: B {potentially})

4. Outside Free Agent.

The main problem with the shortstop market is that it’s very slim. The only 3 “major” free agents are Hanley Ramirez, Troy Tulowitski and Starlin Castro (while not a FA, the Cubs are looking to trade.) Also, you have to remember that J.J Hardy’s contract was extended by Baltimore, which takes him off the grid. Tulo is injury prone, so the Mets should step back, and Hanley Ramirez is a side-show, something the Mets have delt with too much. That’s why the shortstop answer is within the organization. Wether it be Reynolds, Flores or Q. We know one thing: TEJADA is a great guy. I like Tejada as a person, but he is a AAAA player. Here are a couple of links to other articles that point away from Tejada:

Ruben Tejada: Mets Season in Review


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