November 2014

Is the “relief ace” a good idea?

Brian Managan of suggested the idea of a “relief ace” last week on his blog. For those not aware of what a relief ace is, it’s basically when you have 6 starters, and the 6th man works out of the bullpen and fills in periodically. This doesn’t make sense to me, because while I agree with the “you can never have too much pitching” motto, the Mets depth does not stop at 6 starters. Syndergaard, Montero and Matz are all on the rise, and Carlos Torres is a proven spot starter. I believe trading Niese is the smart thing to do. The Mets could trade an above average shortstop for Niese. Gee would become the 5th starter, and if anyone got injured, or if Harvey needed a rest, you could insert any of the 4 other guys the Mets have, that I listed above.


Sandy says Murphy will be a “big part” of the 2015 team

Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson said that 2B Daniel Murphy will be a big part of the 2015 Mets Team. This confirms that Daniel Murphy will not be traded this offseason, and this is a good thing, because trading Murphy opens up another big hole. One that Dilson Herrera cannot cover.

Here is an excerpt from WFAN’s Brad Kallet talking about Murphy: ” The All-Star second baseman has been the subject of trade rumors for a long time now, though it doesn’t appear that any deals have been close. Last week, the Mets’ GM said that he’s “reluctant” to trade the 29-year-old infielder. However, according to ESPN, if New York is able to acquire a top-tier shortstop then a Murphy trade could soon follow.
It’s important to note that Murphy, who is arbitration-eligible, is expected to get a raise and could earn over $8 million next season. The smooth-swinging lefty will also become a free agent after the 2015 campaign and it’s unlikely he’ll be signed to a contract extension before Opening Day.
But if the Mets are finally ready to win now — and it appears that they are — then Murphy’s current salary and his status as an impending free agent should be non-factors. Next season is about returning to the playoffs, right? Isn’t that what we’ve been told? Isn’t that what manager Terry Collins just said?”

He brings up a good point, this team is ready to win, so let’s go. Trading Murphy would be a huge mistake.

In case you missed it this morning on MLB Network……

Hello Mets fans. I know that I’m supposed to keep this blog Mets-centered, but I need to clear something up. Yesterday, I sent a tweet to Ken Rosenthal. I said “Ken Rosenthal, Can you please tell the public that this Lester-Red Sox stuff is fake. is ruining the reputation of us kid writers” I did this on behalf of the youth blogger caucus that believes that Jake Wesley, age 13, is a reporter who made up reports. I’ve broken two uniform stories in my life, so it’s not like I’m a powerful voice on the “Rumors-sphere”. My job is to provide opinions to the latest news and stories. I believe my accomplishments have paid dividends, as I’ve become the 2nd best writer on I do however, have sources, and never expose something until I’m 100% sure of it. Neither Devan Fink, Robert Murray or any other prestigious youth bloggers have received indication of this “Deadline”, and that Lester was seconds away from signing with Boston. How come no one heard of Jake Wesley before last week? The answer is obvious. He, not me, was jealous. Jake Wesley does not have an affiliate or blog. He works solely on Twitter. And our private conversations give me even more reason to suggest that this whole thing is bogus, however my problem isn’t to bash Jake Wesley…. at least not all of it. I’m on edge because reporters that have worked very hard, like Devan, need credibility in their work, unlike me. Now, why does he need more credit? Because he is strictly a rumors writer. And when you write about MLB rumors, it’s hard enough when you have the “kid” stigma dragging you back, and the last thing you need, is some kid, reporting fake rumors, and making your work much harder than it needs to be. Think of it this way: You see two reports, one from a 12 year old and one from Ken Rosenthal, you immediately read Rosenthal. My opinion is my own, and it always will be. My job can be done regardless of age. Also, if I screw up, its just my opinion, but if a rumors writer screws up, their career is at risk.

Ken Rosenthal replied to me shortly after and respectfully said that he did not want to get involved. There is that, game over. We exchanged goodbyes, and the day was done. However, that is not what happened. Mr.Rosenthal opened up another can of worms but featuring my tweet on Hot Stove this morning. Kid writers all around still have the utmost respect for him but his statements sounded as if we are something less. And, unfortunately, kids need verified exposure, in this case Ken Rosenthal to get noticed. I’ve seen little kids do better jobs than professionals, however eliminating the stigma will be hard. Ken Rosenthal and MLB Network’s decision to feature my tweet will give the public a NEGATIVE view of youth writers, something we all are against. I respect Ken very much and I will do anything in my power to defend myself, and the other kid bloggers.

Column: Trade Travis d’Arnaud and promote Kevin Plawecki

Kevin Plawecki is knocking on the Citi Field door, and the Mets can’t keep the door locked for too much longer. Plawecki tore up AA/AAA in 2014, hitting 11 homeruns and 64 runs batted in. Also, Kevin’s defense in very strong. Travis d’Arnaud struggled to avoid throwing the ball into the outfield.

Travis d’Arnaud’s 2014 season was a very odd one. He started the season extremely cold. The season was going so bad that he got demoted in May. Luckily, Wally Backman restored confidence and d’Arnaud re-bounded to have a very productive second half. Eventually, one of the catchers are going to go. Which one will it be? While its hard to decide, I bet d’Arnaud will get the boot, but for a hefty price. You could trade Travis and Niese for Castro. But that honestly seems like giving up to much, however if d’Arnaud is the only proven player that we give up, it’s too little. Montero fits the bill as that second guy. Montero is sub-par pitcher with limited major league experience. While no deGrom, Montero will get the Castro deal done.


Mets Rumors: Mets showing interest in Craig Breslow


According to multiple sources, the Mets are interested in LHP Craig Breslow, who played on the Red Sox from 2012 to 2014. The Mets lefty options out of the pen will include Josh Edgin, Scott Rice and Dario Alvarez. I expect Edgin and Rice to make the team out of camp. However if Breslow or another bullpen option signs, Scott Rice will go to Triple A.

Mets Offseason Tracker 11/24/14

Moves that involved Mets and ex-Mets occurred this last week. Let’s go around Queens in the latest edition of the Offseason Tracker.

– The Mets officially began selling single game tickets to all Mets home games for the 2015 Season. Highlights include Opening Day, a weekend series vs the Red Sox and the Subway Series.

– Josh Satin signed with the Reds on Saturday. Satin debuted in 2011 with the Mets. His best season was in 2013.

– Ike Davis got traded to the A’s, for slot money. To clear room on Oakland’s 40 man, the A’s designated Andrew Brown for assignment.

– Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez are finalizing deals with the Red Sox. This further narrows the list of Mets SS candidates.

Pepper Show Season 2 Episode 1

Profile: Jed Lowrie

Jed Lowrie Steps in versus the Mets in June

Jed Lowrie Steps in versus the Mets in June

This week, let’s explore the possible shortstop options available for the Mets. Jed Lowrie just completed a down year with the Oakland Athletics in which he hit 245 with 6 HR’s and 50 RBI’s. My hope is that in 2015 he returns to his 2013 form. In 2013, Lowrie hit 290 with 90 RBI’s. Is Lowrie a good sign? No. And frankly, I’m not sure that this is a route the Mets want to go down. Grabbing old-average outfielder is never a smart idea, its a sign of a team in need of veterans. There is no lack of veteran presence on the Mets, so signing Lowrie would not be smart.

Top 10 #MetsMoment of 2014: #10- 9/27/14 Lucas Duda Walk off

Every Thursday for the next 10 weeks (besides Thanksgiving) we will be counting down the Top 10 #MetsMoments for the 2015 season: For #10, we head to the penultimate game of the 2014 campaign. During “Austin Mahone Concert Day”. The Mets fell behind 1-0 early. Rafael Montero was the starter of the day, filling in for Jacob deGrom. After Eric Young hit a triple to left center, the stage was set for Lucas Duda, with a man on and 2 out:

Imagine if the Mets hadn’t been eliminated at that point. The place would have gone crazy and probably would have been higher up on the list.

Mets Black Friday deals

The Mets announced a list of Black Friday deals for sale at their team store. The Mets team store at CitiField will be open from 9am to 4pm this Friday. Here are some cool unique products on sale this Friday!

Mets Ski and Snowboard: The Mets have released a couple winter items, and this one is beyond cool. Who wouldn’t want to go down the mountain faster than the Mets collapse in July?
Jokes aside, this is a really good product. It’s good to see the Mets adding a product line for other sports.

Mets Hoodie : While it seems small and boring. Hoodies are somewhat stylish and the gray looks nice with the Mets wordmark script. Good buy for the spring. Wouldn’t recommend now that Fall is over (at least in New York.)

Mets knit hat: The Mets knit hat says Winter all around. Snag one at Winter Fest of you attend.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and you family! We will all be feasting one week from today!

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