October 20th, 2014

The Great World Series Preview Post


Finally , the great World Series is upon us. Seven games that the whole world is waiting for. Who is going to win? It’s more than just a prediction. It’s intangibles, X factor,crowd and luck all packed into seven games. Two completely different teams, and yet so similar. How could this be? How can the Cinderella of all Cinderellas story Royals,match up against the dynasty that is the Giants?

To be honest answering this question is a challenge! So I’m just going to stay with the Royals, my pre-season pick, to win the World Series and just watch it. This isn’t a normal bloggers approach, but I honestly just want to see this amazingly epic postseason’s final chapter.

Pepper Show Throwback: The Great All-Star Debate

Originally aired April 12, 2014