October 2014

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“The Royals are going to win it all”
First aired on March 21 2014.

The Mets should go cheap in finding Duda a right-handed platoon partner

Here’s a nice article I stumbled upon today. My only question is: Duda hit 30 home runs , why bench him even at a platoon environment? This makes no sense to me. He by far had the most power of any 2014 Met, and shouldn’t even be mentioned as a platoon player. Also, this makes Lucas Duda’s confidence level decline dramatically. We don’t need another distraction. The Mets should focus on acquisitions for shortstops and/or left field.

The Mets Report

By Steven Inman

The Mets answer to first base doesn't have to be just one player. The Mets answer to first base doesn’t have to be just one player.

The Mets biggest needs this winter are shortstop and in the outfield but the team also has smaller needs to address.

The Mets are going to need to find a right-handed hitting first base platoon mate for Lucas Duda this winter. Duda hit .180 with two homers in 111 at bats against lefties in his 2014 breakout campaign.

While Michael Cuddyer’sname has come up on a number of occasions, the Mets can fill this small hole on a much cheaper level, saving money to address outfield and possibly shortstop. A great option to fill this platoon is lefty-killing infielder Danny Valencia.

Valencia started his career as an everyday third basemen with the Minnesota Twins in 2010. After the league sort of figured the Miami native out, he bounced around to a few…

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Citi Field FallFest 2014 Review


The Inaugural Citi Field FallFest was held yesterday at the grand home of the Mets. The festivities took place in the outfield concourse by the Shea Bridge. While the event opened at 12pm, I got there at around 12:20. I first went to the Mets Food Drive, where I donated 10 non-perishable items and received a voucher for a future April game (awesome!). 2 other things happened at the Team Store, first I got my first real photo with Mr.Met. I’ve seen him walk down the aisles before, but when everyone asks him for photos, he just sticks his arm out as if saying “Your Awesome”, but then just continues down the aisle. I guess Mets PR, decided to do this because he’s on a strict schedule and is probably very busy. Anyway, here’s the photo:

Next, I purchased this awesome sweater, which combined with my long hair will make me the most “unique” person in school. And, for those asking, I’m the only Met fan in my grade… **sigh**


We then entered the ballpark through the “Bullpen” gate; which, fingers crossed, will get renovated and turn into a “Ballpark Village”, kind of like St.Louis. Inside the stadium, I saw D.Meenan from The7Line.com. While I never officially said hello (Congrats on the baby by the way), I saw him taking photos of the wall renovations. I expect to see an update on the construction during Winter Fest, but it seems like that might be 100% inside since it’ll be held in the Ceasers Club. Here’s a photo of the wall renovations.

Also, here’s some field pics:



There were some arts&crafts that were geared towards kids, but that didn’t stop me from grabbing a stack of cheap crayons and some coloring pages (don’t ask why)

I played some carnival games, which was fun, I pressed my luck at the DunkTank, and hit the button, but not hard enough. (I hit 75 mph…. Not bad I guess….). Then I enjoyed a candy apple, which was fair. The Hard Candy was ok, but the Candy was still warm and the Apple was hard to get at with the Sprinkles and M&M’s in the way.

For those of you still reading this article, you deserve a medal….
We then bought a pumpkin at the Queens County Market which was located in the Centerfield area. Here’s a photo of my pumpkin:

The Mets successfully took our money for an fun event that lacked a big surprise. I was convinced a Met was going to show up to sign some autographs. Maybe they will next year; it sure would make some kids happy. I also played some video games at the 2K FanArea. Thank you to the Mets for making kids days.
I want to say thank you and/or shoutout to a few people tonight:
– Devan F, who is launching his new blog MLB Daily Rumors tomorrow.
– Vince Ruffino, from Citi Field Events, who offered me tickets to the event. Give him a follow to Twitter.
– Citi Field Events, for throwing the party!

This Date In Mets History: Game 6, need I say more?

Before we get into it, and if you have a lot of free time, here’s a link to the FULL game:

Most of you know Game 6 of the 1986 World Series as the Bill Buckner game, but it’s not just that. This team was one out away from elimination, and strung together hits to be apart of the most memorable game in World Series History! The Mets went on to win the World Series the next day, but this game was far more dramatic. The Red Sox “curse” continued on until 2004, when they swept the St.Louis Cardinals. Here is a video recapping that mesmerizing 10th inning.

Mets hire ex-Yankee hitting coach Kevin Long

The Mets went out and got themselves a hitting coach today. Earlier this year, the Mets fired Dave Hudgens, and replaced him with Lamar Johnson. While Johnson was just an interm coach, he had a chance to land that same position in 2015. However, right after game 162, ownership announced that he will be offered a lesser role within the organization. Today, the Mets hired ex-Yankee hitting coach, Kevin Long.

Long will assume duties and high expectations in 2015.

UPDATE: Dustin Clarke will be brought in as the new strength & conditioning coach.

ICYMI For the week: Mets & More


– For those of you that overlooked the short but great World Series preview post, click here

– We’ve been trying to figure out what’s changing with the Mets uniforms this whole month, and while it’s still hard to tell, this might be a lead

– Here’s some Metsplus with info on Fall and Winter Fest, Click Here

– And finally, click here to see why you should be optimistic for Mets Baseball in 2015.

The Great World Series Preview Post


Finally , the great World Series is upon us. Seven games that the whole world is waiting for. Who is going to win? It’s more than just a prediction. It’s intangibles, X factor,crowd and luck all packed into seven games. Two completely different teams, and yet so similar. How could this be? How can the Cinderella of all Cinderellas story Royals,match up against the dynasty that is the Giants?

To be honest answering this question is a challenge! So I’m just going to stay with the Royals, my pre-season pick, to win the World Series and just watch it. This isn’t a normal bloggers approach, but I honestly just want to see this amazingly epic postseason’s final chapter.

Pepper Show Throwback: The Great All-Star Debate

Originally aired April 12, 2014

MetsPlus for 9/19/14

Another day without Mets Baseball. Im actually excited for the offseason to start after the World Series. Don’t get me wrong, I love the World Series, I’d watch it before anything else anytime, it’s just this 2015 season for the Mets is looking so good, I just can’t wait to get the ball rolling. I’m itching to call 2015 “this year” and not “next year”, something I’ll be able to do come December. Anyway, let’s get down to some relaxed not-so-important business.


Fall Fest is one week from today! While I’m excited to participate in all the fun events, I really want to see how the dimension changes are going. I’ll definitely post a recap with pictures the following week. For those of you that want tickets, you can head on over to Mets.com/fallfest .
Also, here’s a rundown of the events: -Mets Fan Fest Games
-Mr. & Mrs. Met Appearance
-Fall Themed Arts & Crafts brought to you by Oriental Trading
-Trick or Treating
-Kid’s Costume Contest
-Halloween Decoration Display
-Trick or Treat box-making station to help raise money for City Harvest
– Pumpkin Carving & Decorating and more!!!
Also, if you can’t make it, you can always go to “Citi Field Winter Fest”, which even though they haven’t officially released, it wasn’t hard to find as the URL is mets.com/winterfest (Great Hiding Mets!)
Anyway, the best news is that the Citi Field tours are coming back at Mets.com/tours I’ll be at the one on November 8th, but be warned, these tickets sell out fast, so get on over there now!


5 (GOOD) reasons to be optimistic for Mets Baseball on 2015

Optimistic lists have never looked more favorable than this. Usually, I’d have to dig deep into stats that you’ve never even heard of to say something positive about the New York Mets. But this year, it’s really not like that. I can give you 5 reasons why the Mets will win the pennant let alone a NL East title. Anyway, here are 5 reasons to look forward to what should be a great year.

1. The Pitching Staff


While this photo probably doesn’t strike fear into their opponents, I assure you their fastball will. deGrom, Wheeler, Harvey, Niese and Colon aside, the Mets have a lot of pitching promise coming up. I didn’t even mention Dillon Gee on the list above, who was the Mets Opening Day Starter in 2014. Rafael Montero, Noah Synndergaard and Steven Matz are all front-end pitchers that are Major League ready, that can’t even join the Major League rotation because it’s full! Now, I think you should keep some because injuries are inevitable, but gee whizz we got a packed rotation!

2. EXPERTS are picking the Mets
This is much bigger than you think. The Mets might be able to ditch the “underdog” slogan this year, and meet expectations. Expectations that include making it to October.

3. We are one big bat away

Let me ask you this, are you happy with Travis d’Arnaud at catcher? I am. Lucas Duda at first? I am. Daniel Murphy at Second? I am. David Wright at Third? I am. An outfield consisting of Eric Young Jr., Matt den Dekker, Juan Lagares and Curtis Granderson? I am.
Shortstop is the Mets only flaw. Get a Starlin Castro or Troy Tulowitski and we’ll be set.


4. Bullpen is best in the league

The demise of the 2007-2008 clubs were their weak bullpens. The Mets have always had a problem with their ‘pen, but no more. Torres, Familia, Parnell, Mejia and Edgin are no joke. Plus, an addition to the Mets bullpen wouldn’t hurt. Also, you could convert one of those stars waiting in the wings for the rotation to a major-league long man.

5. Better seasons from multiple players

Obviously, a lot of these Mets won’t meet expectations, like David Wright and Curtis Granderson last year. In 2015 however, I can see Wright and Grandy both hitting 20+ HR’s with 85+ RBI. Also, a great Fanbase doesn’t hurt anyone!