A note to Pepper readers

Since I started Pepper in 2013, I have always liked to change things and correct little details, that are small, but pay major dividends towards the end. I am a Mets centered blog, I love talking about the Mets and their players and everything that surrounds them, but the season is over, for the Mets, today is Day 1 of the offseason, but to most fans, today is Day one of what we wait for 11 months of the year, and hey, they are right. We play for October, we do everything in anticipation of the Playoffs, nothing happens to teams that don’t make the playoffs in October, so besides an update or two on the Mets coaching staff and dimensions, expect for some MLB Centered posts, kind of what other blogs are doing at this time. Thank you Mets Fans for sticking with the team. Good times to follow.

By the way, I predicted the Royals to win the World Series, and it’s worth noting they are in it!


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