deGrom aside, Campbell has had an exceptional year

campbell soup

Eric Campbell showed us he could be a quality first baseman in spring training. It’s fair to say “Soup’s on”.
When the Mets broke camp in March, journeymen Omar Q and Josh Satin came withe Mets. Then, as the veterans left the bullpen, so did the bench. Newbies like Eric Campbell and Wilmer Flores started to get more playing time. Campbell is so adept to coming off the bench its shocking. One of Collins stigmas is that he has a big problem sticking to his own word and making AAA callups cold by not playing them, Eric Campbell has been an exception. We need you to play Second, is that fine? Sure. Third? Sure. Left? Sure. Anywhere but catcher? Sure. He is like the Carlos Torres of pitching, and he will be a big piece of the 2015 Mets.


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