Who’s sticking around with the club next year? This guy…. And .. Well… This other guy….

Today, the Mets extended the contract of Mets GM Sandy Alderson, who since being brought on in 2011, has watched the Mets complete 3 losing seasons, and may (but hopefully not) witness a fourth this year. Regardless, Sandy is given credit for rejuvenating the farm system and producing home grown talent that will be ready to compete for next year.


Also, the oldest manager in Baseball will be back for another go-around. That’s right, the unassertive coach that is Terry Collins will be back.

I’m still debating if this is good news or down right horrible news. Not that I hate him, it’s just that he’s never coached a team that has finished above 500 let alone 2nd place, and he seems like he never pulls the trigger on going for the small opportunities when presented. That’s why I have to go for the latter today, but hey Collins, I wouldn’t mind if you proved me wrong….


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