Postseason Picture: Second Wild Card comes down to wire

The Mets are almost at the playoff cliff, but still have hope. We are 6.5 back in the Second WC, and the Mets, who (in the last 11 games) have been Baseball’s best team might be running out of time and luck. The Pirates have been on a roll lately, and that will have to come to an end very soon, and the Mets are going to have to pick up the pace. For more information on the Mets playoff chances Click Here. Here all the standings in the NL Wild Card, showing all the teams that can “realistically” make the postseason.
MLB Headlines: Giancarlo Stanton has no structural damages to his face after getting drilled in the head.
The Tigers David Price threw an amazing quality start for a win. The Tigers have fun possession of first place.



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