September 12th, 2014

Featured Post: Fans should come out to the games

This season is not over guys, honestly. We are 6 out, with 4 series left. Hard, very hard yes, but not “impossible”. This team should be able to at least make up 4 games ground by themselves, and if the Pirates collapse, we might be able to squeeze into that second Wild Card.

Lets say the Mets take the next two with Washington. Take 2 out of 3 versus Miami. Sweep Atlanta, take 2 out of 3 versus Washington and sweep Houston. That puts us at approximately 84 wins, which in my eyes is the lowest we can possibly go to make the postseason. The Pirates are at 76 wins. So they are only allowed to win 8 more games. Not impossible considering they only have 15 games left. So to recap, I say Pirates go 8-7 and the Mets go 12-3. How’s that sound guys? Yeah I know, pretty hard. But again, not impossible. Just enjoy the “meaningful games” that we were all craving.