Murphy could return on Tuesday

Mets fans will like this, there is a great chance that we see Murphy in 2-4 days. His campaign to lead the NL in hits is most probably over (the only chance is if Pence gets injured today!) However Murphy will be a key part of this team moving forward, and here’s why:

Murphy has been a productive player since his debut in 2008 in left field versus Houston. He has never had a “bad” year when he’s healthy, and did it ever cross Mets fans minds the whoever the Mets trade Murphy it’ll be someone of equal or much lesser value? It’s clear to me that the Mets should not trade Murphy. A better course of action would be to trade rookie Dilson Herrera, because from what we’ve seen, he’s nothing “super-special” and other teams would love a MLB ready infielder with pop, not to mention his age.


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