September 6th, 2014

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Pepper METhread: Random Thoughts

Hey everybody, Niko Goutakolis here again for a Pepper METhread were basically I talk about anything that comes to my mind when it comes to the Mets.

The Mets have have frustrated me throughout the spring and summer, but now I’m more relaxed when I watch the games. Face it we are 7 games out, so playoffs are not the goal, the goal is to go above 500 and/or finish in second place. Is that doable? Very. But still this team is not a great team. This Mets team has weeks were they have been great and they have had weeks were they look worse than the Rangers, so why waste the fans time… The stigma that the Wilpons are too cheap to sell isn’t completely true, they have the right to be concerned about big money signings after busts like Jason Bay, Chris Young and (hopefully not) Curtis Granderson. In fact all of the Mets stars this year get minor league esc. salaries or arbitration (deGrom, Murphy, Mejia, Familia, Lagares, Duda). Regardless of this, you need big-named players to have a big league team.
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BBA Exclusive: Gwynn Leadership Award given to David Wright

While David Wright’s season on the field hasn’t been what we are accustomed to, his off-field leadership presence is. The Youth Bloggers from the Baseball Bloggers Alliance voted on who should win the inaugural BBA Tony Gwynn Leadership Award. After 2 rounds of serious down to the wire voting, we picked David Wright as the inaugural winner of this award. We decimated this award to Tony Gwynn who passed away earlier this year.

David Wright deserved the award for his noticeable charity organization “The David Wright Foundation”. David also helped founding “The Wright Thing” which gives back to the community, and lets not forget that David is the Captain of the Mets. Congratulations to Mets 3B David Wright!