Mets Promo Ideas: Blueprints

The Mets have had some pretty awesome promotions this year, like Floppy Hats

Bobbleheads of Grandy, Nolan Ryan and Casey Stengel

Free Shirt Fridays

Duane Reade Concerts

But as the offseason nears,so does the end of the promos. So what should the Mets give away in 2015? I have 3 ideas for new promos that would be cool. First, I want to see Rally Towels like we’ve never seen before at Citi. Especially because Rally towels are the craze with the Mets players these days. T7L has released a Hit Towel, available for purchase ($7) on their website, and features a cool design featuring the skyline logo.

Next, how about a squishy ball? Yes, that sounds childish, but it’s better than Plastic Cup or Keychain day. It would be a good promotion for Family Sundays.

Lastly, how about a Catch on the field pre-game? The Cyclones and B-Mets regularly feature this before day games. That would be an improvement over the stale Mr.Met Dash.
*** Mets 7 Back In Wild Card ***


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