Day: August 27, 2014

@Mets lineups

Tonight's lineup: @CGrand3 RF@juanlagares2 CFDuda 1B@TdArnaud CCampbell 3B@UpperDekker LFFlores 2BTejada SS@Wheelerpro45 P#Mets — New York Mets (@Mets) August 27, 2014

Mets Promo Ideas: Blueprints

The Mets have had some pretty awesome promotions this year, like Floppy Hats Bobbleheads of Grandy, Nolan Ryan and Casey Stengel Free Shirt Fridays Duane Reade Concerts But as the offseason nears,so does the end of the promos. So what should the Mets give away in 2015? I have 3

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