5 Must-Do’s at a Baseball Game

Going to the game? Here are a couple things to remember!

1. Arrive Early- I love MLB Ballparks. Each one is unique. Don’t be the last one in the park. You will rush do do everything and miss the game. Touring the park is fun and all. But come game time. It’s all Baseball!
2. Watch the damn game- C’mon guys! Stop looking at your phones during the game. You have the offseason to do that.
3. Get into the spirit- Participate in chants, sing-a-longs, and fan generated screams.
4.The Game will end when the game ends- Baseball dosent have a clock. Stay for extra-innings. (Usually) You wont regret it!
5. Your Up!- Be safe, pay attention and have fun! This is America’s Pastime! Live it!
Whats your favorite game routine? Tweet us or comment now!


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