August 24th, 2014

Day at the Game: Metropolitan Baseball Classic 2014

Today I went to see the action at the 2nd Annual Metropolitan Baseball Classic. The participants were 8 college level academy teams. Team Elite went home with their 2nd championship (REPEAT!) over CBA.

Me and my dad went to the game and got front row seats for a Lincoln! One of the most interesting things about the game was the cool shades that formed from dawn to dusk. It would be generous to say that there were 500 people in the crowd, but it didn’t matter, 1 concession open, 1 bathroom open but hard core baseball and I must say, the players were very good.

The Classic should have been better promoted, I was very happily surprised with what I witnessed. I hope to go back next year! Here are some extra photos that I took of the champions.


5 Must-Do’s at a Baseball Game

Going to the game? Here are a couple things to remember!

1. Arrive Early- I love MLB Ballparks. Each one is unique. Don’t be the last one in the park. You will rush do do everything and miss the game. Touring the park is fun and all. But come game time. It’s all Baseball!
2. Watch the damn game- C’mon guys! Stop looking at your phones during the game. You have the offseason to do that.
3. Get into the spirit- Participate in chants, sing-a-longs, and fan generated screams.
4.The Game will end when the game ends- Baseball dosent have a clock. Stay for extra-innings. (Usually) You wont regret it!
5. Your Up!- Be safe, pay attention and have fun! This is America’s Pastime! Live it!
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