Series Preview: Cubs vs Mets

As the final quarter of the 2014 MLB Season rolls in, I look forward to changing my focus on the Mets from contenders to developers once again.This year however feels more promising as I feel we have a refurbished farm system and a developed pitching staff. I hope to write an opinion post on why the Mets future looks bright and why I believe the Mets will be the 2015 NL East Champions. Now, to present day, it seems like the Mets have dug themselves into a hole way too deep to climb out of, and this is OK, because the future is brighter than it seems, but what can they do in this series vs the Cubs to help themselves? Really take a look at young players, I believe Matt Reynolds an underrated shortstop who is tearing it up in AAA should get the call just because we haven’t seen anything out of Wilmer Flores that says he is a long term option at SS. Also I believe the Mets should just give Noah Syndergaard a shot with the big club this year. Slow progress or not, he needs some experience to ease the pressure for 2015, and this season isn’t going anywhere, not to mention that it would draw 10,000 extra fans, which catches Jeff Wilpon’s ear. I keep on avoiding talking about this series, but the more and more I want to talk about it the less I care about it…. but here it goes: The Mets welcome the Cubs for a 4 game wrap-around series before heading to the west coast next week. Cubs prospect Javier Biaz should be exciting to watch, he has burst on the scene with 4 homeruns in a week! I hope the Mets at least split this series, it would be nice to see the Mets leave town with positive thoughts.


 I will be at the game today, rooting for Zack Wheeler and the Mets, I promise pictures of the pitchers.   






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