August 10th, 2014

On The Rise: Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard or Thor for the purposes of this article so I don’t have to write Syndersomething 100 times, has been one of the Mets highly regarded prospects ever since the blockbuster trade in the 2012-2013 offseason. In general, the Mets got a better half, reviving Travis d’Arnaud and Thor for Dickey, Thole and Nickeas.

Thor’s main problem isn’t Las Vegas, it isn’t his walk rate, it’s his expectations. Judging a prospect one needs to factor in a whole new set of statistics that power the game Sabermetrics etc,but what happens when stats don’t tell the whole story? Stats were not on Jacob deGrom’s side in the minors, but when he got called up, he dazzled. Thor, was getting all of the talk during the offseason, but as we’ve seen so far in AAA, he’s not ready, but I’m still holding out hope that he can produce Dillon Gee like numbers next year, and make a cameo in 2014.