Matt Harvey threw off a mound. So what?

I generally don’t do in-game posts, but I was un-able to post anything during the day so I will do one now:
Matt Harvey is not the focus for 2014. We will have a good idea of what we should expect from this team playoff wise in about 14 days, so why are the Mets media focussing so heavily on Matt Harvey?

Harvey was all the hype in 2013, but since he’s out for the year, why are we talking about him? We have other things to talk about (Murphy, deGrom, Wheeler, Bullpen, minors exc.) but Mr.Spotlight always finds, well.. the Spotlight. However, next year, I will be in a different state of mind!

3 Replies to “Matt Harvey threw off a mound. So what?”

  1. Niko,
    Some times we as fans just need something to believe in. Knowing Harvey is on track bring a early level of hope for 2015. Sure he will not be a factor in 2014, but sometimes just knowing that hope is on the horizon when a current season doesn’t measure up can at least relieve an ounce of stress about the future……Plus it might have been a slow press day and those guys got to fill the pages with something.

    Congrats on your climb in the July Latest Leader List. I remember the first time I hit the Top 10…..Made writing my posts a little easier and felt awesome to see others also take in my special brand of baseball love..

    • Thanks for your kind words! I agree with you, and your probably correct regarding Harvey. Congrats on reaching the #1 slot this July! I Often read Rays Renegade, Bleacher Banter, Tilted Cap and I enjoy reading it on a regular basis.

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